Short cables from Tech distibution

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What do you do when you order a 3 metre cable and receive a 2 metre cable?
Contact the supplier would be the sensible route and exchange the cable.  But not with tech-distibution They simply refuse to believe they have sent out the wrong cable.  They have a lot of feedback, but also a lot of negatives.  Read the negatives and get your own impression.  
So what next?  Raise a dispute with ebay and paypal.
The response is that the seller agrees to refund the money providing the buyer returns the goods with full tracking. 
The end result is that the buyer now has to pay another £5 shipping to get a refund of £5.88 because the seller he made a mistake.
Oh the joys of ebay and paypal !  Set up not to create a safe online marketplace but purely for the greed of unscrupulous traders like tech-distibution and benefit of ebay and paypal owners
Take my advice,
(1) Buy from a shop where you see the product before you part with your money
If you can't then
(2) Read all the negative feedbacks.  Just because a trader has a healthy percentage of positives does not make them fair and honest. Don't forget to read his response to buyer negatives, that will give you an idea of how he treats his customers.
(3) Don't think you have any guarantee with ebay or paypal, they think paying £5 out to get £5.88 back is their fair guarantee to you
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