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What we sell.

After many months burning the midnight oil, and many days filming and editing detailed installation videos, there is a new UK website with an offering for the DIY or optimum storage enthusiast.
Without going into huge detail here and now (that's the job of the website after all), I will outline some of the reasons why it is worth a visit if you fit into either of the above categories.
Replacement drawer boxes in almost any size, for almost any application, in any room or setting imaginable.
Internal drawer boxes, turn your existing base or larder unit into a drawer unit, keeping your existing door in place, and making much better use of the space in the unit. This is an upgrade available for almost any kitchen, no matter how old or new.

Crystal clear installation videos, watch an experienced joiner who does this every day show how it is done, in HD with clear graphics and voiceovers where required.

Lifetime component guarantees, every drawer kit is guaranteed for the LIFETIME of the unit or furniture it is fitted in.

Only Blum will do, after 25 years in the business, in our opinion, Blum drawer boxes and components are the best. (That's probably why they are confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty) 

Freephone 0800 028 5588 (7 Days)
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