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Super Rope Cinch amazingly quick and easy!

Below you will find a link to take you to many short videos of 6 second lengths each.
They show how easy it is to use the Super Rope Cinch.
The Super Rope Cinch not only works with rope but also connects chain to rope. Just Right Products UK & Europe Ltd have produced a range of goods , accessories  and packs that can get you started with tying down your luggage or your bikes onto a garage wall or bike rack on the back of your vehicle. We have sold them to people who are using them for many things including a ducks nest island. Using to untie and tie electric animal fencing twice a day. To hold down a tarpaulin over a log pile, tied and untied often to replenish in house supplies. They have hanging concrete blocks to give weight permanently hanging. The Super Rope Cinch can be tied and untied under tension.
Not only can you use your Super Rope Cinch with rope it can also be used to connect rope to chain or tie a "knot" in chains for hanging lighting perhaps as a temporary measure for marquees or theatre lighting. You can also create loops in cables to enable them to be pulled through trunking, ducting, or voids such as attic spaces or lofts.
There really is no end to the uses that the Super Rope Cinch can be put to.

The Super Rope Cinch has a lifetime warranty that is not a gimmick but is based upon the strength of design and materials used.
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