Should I Buy Custom Lego MiniFigures ?

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Custom MiniFigures are getting more and more common, but should i buy them ?

You Decide
there are many types and this is my personal opinion and I am certainly not trying to Tar everyone doing Custom figures with the same brush as some are extremely good, but please think before you buy !
Why Have these appeared over recent years, there are several reasons, Mini Figures have certainly gained popularity and there are an increasing number of avid collectors who want the latest, the hardest to obtain and the bespoke, so in essence there is a Market
There are many reasons for producing these, some Mini Figures have become very collectable and therefore expensive, so beware the unscrupulous seller , who puts  bits of genuine figures together to try and clone the original
There are genuine sellers and modeller's who do this to meet your personal needs, and produce custom pieces for wedding favours and cake toppings etc., by simply changing hair colours , faces and other parts to meet your requirement and will use genuine Lego Parts to do this or manufacture bespoke parts from known tested products
And then there are the non genuine copies of Lego, these are made to capture the market and provide Mini Figs to match the latest movie trends etc., some of this in my opinion is the fault of Lego, who moved some of its manufacturing to China and the copy figures soon started to appear
So far all well and good I hear you say, so what's the problem ? I have used the words Genuine Lego several times, why is this important, because Lego go to great lengths to manufacture, test and retest their products to make sure they are as safe as they can possibly be, they innovate by as an example venting Heads to minimise choking hazards and better still, if something goes wrong, you know exactly where to find them, they have been in business for generations, for these very reasons and are a trusted well known world wide brand
What about the flood of custom figures, what have they been painted with ? there have been instances of lead paint being used on some of the imported ones again this is hopefully isolated and I do certainly not want to condemn every one doing this, but it is worthy of consideration when the apple of your eye has one of these in their mouth, the quality of some of these figures is very doubtful , the paint quickly wears off, hats hair and accessories do not often fit well and can be easily swallowed

I also see on E-Bay some quite miss leading descriptions, that may make you think it is the genuine article - Mini Figure with free genuine Lego Blaster ! can be used with Lego ! Lego compatible ! and worst of all Genuine Lego when it clearly isn't !

Please do a little detective work before you buy, most sellers will list the set number the figure came from, look it up and make sure its the same , feel free to ask is it genuine, when it arrives check for the Lego Trade Mark, inside each leg, on top of the neck and inside the head are all good areas to search and you should find at least one if not all

Again, everything expressed hear is my personal opinion, I just want you to be careful and keep your little ones safe.
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