Should I buy FIFA 15 for the playstation 4?

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Should I buy FIFA 15 for the playstation 4?

I have recently brought FIFA 15, and I would really recommend it, it is an amazing game with amazing graphics. There is all 20 of the Premier league stadiums in the game, which look incredible. The player likenesses are again superb. There are terrific weather effects, in any game, there can be snow, rain, sun or it can even be overcast, The players shirts even get muddy on a rainy day! It also takes into account, what time of year and the time of day with all the effects. 
 It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it can get a little frustrating with silly things like your players running forward when you want them to go backwards, stupid through balls, and bad positioning by the players. Well that's the negative done, I really can't fault much at all.

It has a number of game modes including -

A manager career, Way you control all aspects of the team, buying and selling players, wages,and most importantly winning trophies!

Player career, as a player, you start as a 18 year old, and work your way up through the ranks to eventually play for your country. And when your career has ended you can then embark on a career as a manager. I think one of the best features in the player career is the "FIFA game face", you go online, take a photograph of yourself and basically put your face on a Player in the game.

Fifa Ultimate team, this game mode is a bit hard to describe, it's a bit like collecting trading cards like you did as a child. You collect points open packets of digital cards and unlock players to build your team, then use the players to play games, playing it enough and you can make your dream team.

Tournament mode in which you can play various tournaments and even create your own.

There is also an online mode, where you get to play your friends and people from around the world.

All in all it is a superb game, I would highly recommend it, keeps me busy playing it for hours! And I'm sure you could grab it for a bargain price on eBay.

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