Should I throw out my old VIDEO Recorder ???

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I recently wrote the following guide - DVD Recorders, having been associated to the trade for many years I have been asked this questions many times - Should I throw out my old VIDEO Recorder ???
Quite simply my answer would be most definitely not !

I have been quite horrified at the number of video tapes and recorders, still working just fine, that people throw in the bin or take to re-cycling.
I cannot understand why at least they do not copy their video tapes onto DVD before disposing of them, true to say that some Video Tapes will not copy, having said that many will copy and it is so simple to do, the easy way is to connect a scart lead from AV1 on the DVD to AV2 on the VCR, in the case of single scart connections on the Video Recorder providing the scart connection is Input/output it will work just fine with in many cases with remarkable results.

The defunct Video Recorder is also a useful addition to the kids playroom or bedroom or perhaps kitchen or second lounge - so before having a trip to the re-cycling depot consider the above or perhaps pop it in a cupboard along with the tapes, it may come in usaeful in the future !

January 17th 2009:

Some 9 months on VCR's are becoming ever more increasingly difficult to find and often repairs can be somewhat expesive when you take into account the cost of cheapie NEW DVD Recorders from around £58 with only an analogue signal and from just over £100 for a DVD with a digital signal, the latter is grossly overpriced when you can buy a Digital Box from £15. They will for sure get even cheaper.

I still use my VCR's and will continue to do so, yes the DVD Recorder is an excellent bit of technology but there again so is the ICONIC Video Recorder. 
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