Should toddlers have iPads?

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So we were put under pressure by our 3 year old son for an iPad for his birthday as he wanted his own instead of using daddy's. People were very quick to criticise us saying he was too young and spoilt.

We decided to weigh up the pros and cons of him having his own and decided it was the right thing to do.

Children these days use such devices at school so would he not be at a disadvantage if he had ever used one? Providing his time is limited and the content is regulated we have actually found it to help with his learning.

Tips for parents
  • Set restrictions. we disable the app store, in app purchases and the internet. We then add a PIN code to the restrictions to prevent him adding them back in (yes even at 3 he can do that).
  • We agree a time limit and set the app timer. it took a few goes but we are now at the stage where he asks how long he can have and as soon as the alarm goes off he hands it back
  • We have also removed card details from our iTunes account meaning that in the event we accidentally leave the app store on he cant make purchases.
  • Buy a good sturdy case - there have been times when it has been thrown - completely not acceptable but thats what kids do in the heat of the moment!!

Providing your not using the iPad as a babysitter for your child i personally think its a great educational tool. Friends have purchased cheaper alternatives and kiddie specific tablets but they arent as versatile as iPads and are quickly out grown so if you can afford it id say spend a little extra and get an iPad!

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