Should you build your own PC part two

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In part one I waffled on a bit, and I probably will here too ! but a quick recap is in order first.

I talked about deciding on your platform (Intel or AMD) as your first major decision, and that situation still applies, but it's now made a bit easier by current prices.  Basically Intel prices have shot through the roof, while AMD has got much cheaper. The £100 6000 CPU I talked about in part one is now about £60 and still plenty fast enough to run anything you can throw at, with some in reserve.  The comparable speed Intel model is about double that price, with the prospect of a dearer motherboard needed too.

So common sense should mean AMD is the way to go, unless you're a die hard Intel fan with money to burn.

The motherboard we need to match that 6000 CPU would be an 'AM2' but for future upgrades it's only really worth considering an 'AM2+' board which will enable you to upgrade to 'quad core' later, but will still work with our 6000 (dual core) CPU
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