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Another little note from Bathrooms of Distinction
Many of you out there will have seen the latest advert by Victoria Plumb. The advert shows a bathroom salesman sat in a bath with his customer.  I am envious  I  have never had the opportunity to actually climb fully clothed into a bath with a gorgeous female customer. Given the chance who knows. I think my other half may have something to say about it as I never get in the bath with her as I prefer a shower.
All in all what the advert is saying is that  if you go to a bathroom showroom you are going to pay through the nose for your bathroom.
Lets put the record straight. Many of we internet sellers have showrooms as well. We have these for a reason.  For a start is shows that we are reputable companies and we have a commitment to our valued customers.
Showrooms allow you to come along and wallow in the experience of the bathroom showroom. Our showroom has many settings which are set out just like your bathroom at home. You can touch and feel and compare the bathroom goods , get an idea of the sizes of the  vanity units , showers and toilets. You can assess the quality and value.
We offer many services in the showroom from the simple design to the radical remodelling of your bathroom. We can take your ideas and discuss these to plan and design your bathroom with all the  facilities you need. We can  do the fitting for you as well. This saves you a lot of hassle looking for plasterers and plumbers and tilers etc. We can do it all in one fell swoop. We can project manage it for you if you so desire leaving you to get on with your day to day routine.
Lets look at brand names for a moment.  Brands are important. These major major companies have spent decades developing their portfolio of products for you. They have invested millions in their manufacturing plants in Europe and the UK and further a field.
These stalwarts of the bathroom industry spend oodles of money on developing  exceptional quality bathroom equipment that will last decades in your home.
They have fantastic customer service, brilliant guarantees and a dedication to you and us their customers.
I feel sorry for them in many ways. Their products have been copied  and bastardised to such an extent  it's ridiculous.  Copies are the killer of the reputable manufacturer. I have to say it. their goods are shipped over to China copied and made to look the same shipped back and sold to fool you. It looks the same you say, but its 30 quid cheaper. May be so but that 30 quid is made from some of the cheapest materials available.
I watched an episode of rip off Britain the other day even I had my eyes opened at  the scale of the deception, its staggering to believe and can be deadly.
There are some good things that come out of China don't get me wrong but there's an awful lot of crap mixed in with it as well.
So Brands are vital put a name to the products and a company history and you are safe. Come to a showroom or shop on line with a retailer that sell brand names and you have a fairly  happy bathroom journey. Bathroom products with provenance.
But Brands are expensive.. aren't they?  No not really you get what you pay for and that's a fact we can fill your bathroom with famous bathroom brands that are not much more or can cost less than you would pay for nameless products bought on line that's a fact we have proven on more than one occasion.
Basically you do not pay for the showroom salesperson at all, not with us anyway.  We have always  had a reputation for quality bathrooms without the price tag., We have been around for a long time and aim to be so when others have fallen by the way side. We have seen this happen many times.
I do not want to get in your bath with you and I do not want you to pay extra for our services. We do these things because we value you and your custom.
I could start comparing prices here and doing a like for like comparison. I do it all the time. I buy a product from and on line shop and compare it to ones we have on sale at a similar price.  I would say on average that our price is the same or less and the quality is far better.
Its your call as the buyer.  You can buy from whom ever you like no questions asked. But if you do have a question you can be 100% certain that  the majority of  bathroom showroom retailers will give you a straight answer, they will back it up with decades of experience, they will hold your hand and bend over backwards to make sure that you get the right  bathroom products first time every time. IF you get an issue then you can bet your bottom dollar that we at least will jump in with both feet and not rest until its sorted.
I travelled 140 miles the other day to take a bath to a customer that needed it  that day. I jumped in my car on my day off and took it..  The customers on ebay.. her feed back reads.. 'Went the extra mile'  Yes I did. I did it because you are more important than my day off.
Without you I don't have a business.
Buy from a Showroom... I wonder if the others would do the same?
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