Shred It, Don't Bin It

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Business Data

Identity and Corporate Fraud is the biggest crime growth area. It costs businesses £1.3 BILLION a year and it's growing. Can you afford for your competitors to know your secrets? Or indeed, other departments within your company e.g. HR/Personnel, Budgeting etc?

Personal Data

Recent research suggested that 79% of people are concerned about Identity Fraud and most people know someone who has been a victim of it

1 in 4 people have been directly or indirectly affected by ID fraud in the UK

More than 100,000 cases were reported in the UK in 2005

'Bin Raiding' is the main source of information for identity fraudsters

Many victims do not discover their identity has been stolen until over a year later

It takes victims over 300 hours of stress and worry to correct their records after their identity has been stolen

Shred your Sensitive Documents

Whether for home or business, you can secure your sensitive data by shredding it. Rexel offer a full range of shredders to meet your needs.


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