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Our Tangerine Tigers
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Our Tangerine Tigers


Keep It Simple Stupid

We at Caridina Shrimp are big believers
in simplicity. The more equipment you have in your fish/shrimp tanks the more can go wrong.

This is why we choose to filtrate all our tanks with sponge filters, low cost lights, pea gravel, homemade tanks and  often feed homemade food.

Lots of Moss or other plants help keep water clean. Shrimp love Moss due to the surface area that they can pick at to eat Biofilm.  Another  advantage to moss is that it needs only low light conditions so there is no need for expensive complicated light solutions.

Most Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina species) can be kept in tap water and don't require special water conditions, unlike Bee Shrimp (Caridina species) which sometimes require specialist knowledge due to low pH and active substrates.

Another low tech approach is that there is no need for a heater in most shrimp tanks, as long as the tank is kept in a warm room and not in the garden shed for instance.

Lastly shrimp would love you for ever if you fed them blanched vegetables (remove after 2 hours so not to fowl water) such as spinach, nettles or courgette. We feed a mixture of Borneo Wild foods and blanched vegetables.

Consistency in all parameters is far more important than any one parameter not being perfect!  So Keep It Simple Stupid.  
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