Shure SE425 Vs. Sony XBA-4

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A lot of consumers find that buying headphones is often daunting. There are a huge number of models to choose from and each offering has its own twist. The Shure SE425s and Sony XBA-4s are good choices for music lovers and people on-the-go alike. The Shures shine with their high sensitivity, while the Sonies deserve credit for their wide frequency response.
Shure SE425 Sony XBA-4
Features Shure SE425 Sony XBA-4
Color Clear;Black/White Silver/Black
Impedance 22 ohms 8 ohms
Earpiece Design Earbud (In Ear) Not Specified
Color ST Multicoloured;Clear Multicoloured
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 19 kHz 3 Hz - 28 kHz
Connectivity Wired Wired
Sensitivity 109 dB 108 dB
Design In-Ear only In-Ear only
Cable Length Not Specified 1.2 m

Shure SE425

The Shures have an earbud design, allowing you to benefit from increased comfort and listen longer. What's more, the Shures' 22 Hz - 19 kHz frequency response enables you to listen to ultra-low bass tones and crisp treble tones. Enjoy loud audio even while using less power thanks to their 109 dB sensitivity. Plus, they sport a 22 Ohm impedance, so you can hear great sound on a variety of players such as netbooks and MP3 players. The Shures' wireless connectivity lets you hook up without the hassle of cables.

Sony XBA-4

The Sonies have a 3 Hz - 28 kHz frequency response, allowing you to hear throbbing lows and crystal clear highs. Moreover, you can hear superb loudness and depth thanks to their 108 dB sensitivity. Their 8 Ohm impedance helps you hear improved sound quality from a range of electronic devices including laptops and radios.

Comparing the Shure SE425 Vs Sony XBA-4

The Shures and the Sonies go head-to-head on features. The Shures have a higher sensitivity, so you can hear more loudness and depth. Furthermore, their wireless connectivity enables you to connect with much less hassle. Not to be out-done however, the Sonies have a wider frequency response, so you can discern more powerful bass tones and clearer treble frequencies. Also, they boast a lower impedance, so you can get better battery-life from your portable devices. In any case, both products perform very well.

Buying On eBay

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