Sick of buying clothes that don't fit? Read on......

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Constantly buying clothes that look good in the picture but don't fit when you eventually try them on?
Loosing too much money?
Having to resell items for less than you bought them for? This may help.....

1) Look for items from a shop who you already own clothes from i.e. if you own some Jane Norman trousers that fit in a size 10, search for 'Jane Norman trousers size 10' rather than just 'size 10 trousers'
2) Don't choose a size using the sizing guide, always go off the measurements provided. We all own clothes in a range of sizes so we know how inaccurate the sizing guide can be. Ask the seller about how stretchy the material is or whether there's rouching, a cinch belt etc
3) Increase the size you require when buying from abroad as clothing seems to be a lot smaller from foreign countries
4) Make sure the size written in the item title matches the description
5) Check whether measurements are in cms or inches
6) When buying trousers, sizes usually go off waist measurements but be careful if the trousers are hipsters
7) With trousers, its a good idea to get the rise measurement (up fly) to see where trousers will sit when they're on
8) If unsure, just dont pay too much so at least you can get your money back via resale!
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