Signed Movie scripts....genuine or fake ??

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At Laserdiscshop UK we ONLY sell reproduction scripts and autographs. We in NO WAY infer that we sell the original 'hand signed' autiographs...they are the real autographs, but not hand signed....they are digitised copies, reprinted onto fine quality scripts with nice textured colour card covers.

Some script sellers on Ebay are inferring they are selling ORIGINAL shooting scripts, and HAND SIGNED autographs.

You just have to ask did they get so many HAND SIGNED scripts?? !!

Check their feedback and see how many of these ONE OFF's they have sold in the last month !!

Whay, if they are hand singed (let's say at the end of shooting) why are the pen colours all different, would Robert DeNiro pick up a blue pen, then NOT pass it to Joe Pesci, who has his own red pen in hand ready to sign !!?? Unlikely in the extreme.

Also, COA's are worthless...see info below from Autografica..who are members of the UACC on this problem.

We have cut & pasted a Autograph guide below which was written by Autografica.. Please search thier ebay shop to see what Genuine autographs sell for !!

Autograpfica shop :

BEWARE NON GENUINE AUTOGRAPHS....better safe than a KNOWN non genuine one for a fraction of the price, and don't get RIPPED OFF !!



If you are intersted in autogaphs, then this will help you avoid those sellers of fake Autographs on eBay. It is a guide on how to avoid these sellers. Part 2, on line soon, will show you how to spot the fakes, rather than the fakers.  

This is a fairly comprehensive guide, so you may find it more convenient to scroll down and click the YES button at the bottom of this page, print it off, and then read it over a coffee! You will find it an invaluable reference if you keep it by your computer.

I have been a full time autograph dealer for over 16 years (UACC Reg Dealer 179), and been selling on eBay for almost 7 years. I am the UACC ethics board member for the UK, work with both TS and the Police on fraud cases, have written a number of articles on fakes and how to avoid them, advised TV's ' The Real Hustle' and organise the 'Autographica' and UACC events in London. To help you avoid the forgers on ebay I have come up with these 'Golden Rules' ignore them at your peril!

I am writing another guide to help on forged signatures, but spotting fakes is a much more difficult task. Spotting the sellers of fakes is much easier, and this is what you should concentrate on. Remember this. Its the provenance of the seller you should always check, and ignore the provenance regarding the item itself. In other words, prove the seller to be genuine first, rather than the item. Ask around about the seller, do they only sell on ebay, what do other well known dealers think of them etc, check out the eBay autograph forum.

Always read the full eBay listing at least twice and be sure to check all feedback etc as detailed below, check out the seller as much as you can and ask other known dealers about any seller you may do business with. Don't take risks with your money, if an item seems too good to be true, then you can be pretty damn sure that its a fake, so don't take chances.  
1/ Never never buy anything from any seller who uses the PRIVATE option (Private Feedback or Private bidding),  unless you are a very very very experienced ebayer!

There is not one single good reason why any legitimate seller would use either of these PRIVATE options, the UACC have banned it, and so should eBay. Don’t fall for their old tosh about protecting your privacy, it’s their privacy they are concerned with not yours! Fall for this one, and the chances are 100 to 1 that you will be buying fakes, forgeries or just plain rubbish.

The PRIVATE bidding option prevents you (the buyer) from finding out what they (the seller) has previously sold, it prevents other eBay members from warning you about their fakes or scams, and worst of all, it allows the seller to bid against you without you knowing! (yes that’s right, a seller using the PRIVATE auction option is able to bid on their own auctions and push up the final price without you knowing! Now if that is not cheating, I don’t know what is). So always look out for the PRIVATE auction warning at the top of every ebay listing, and if you see it, avoid it. You will often find these sellers have changed the ID many times too, just click on ID History to check. They change their name normally because they have had some bad press somewhere (such as on the or websites) and so change it to try and hide.

There is now talk from eBay themselves that they may scrap this PRIVATE option, but i will believe it when i see it!
2/ Always pay for items using PayPal, if you don’t have an account then open one, worst case pay using your credit card. That way if anything goes wrong you should get you money back, and in the case of PayPal it is a very easy thing to do. If the seller does not accept either, and you have any doubts about the seller, then don’t bid. There are now an increasing number of fraudulent sellers who are no longer accepting PayPal, why? Because Paypal have barred their accounts because of the number of refunds they have had to give unfortunate customers. If the seller wants you to pay in cash or Via Western Union, and does not accept Paypal or a credit card then run away. I know PayPal can be a pain, and they are not perfect, but its still by far the best way pay for anything on eBay, certainly far safer than a cheque or Postal orders! Asking for Payment via Cash or Western Uinon is against eBay UK rules, so avoid these sellers.
 3/ Always check the location of the seller. On the top right in the Sellers Information box, it tells you where the seller is registered, does this tie in with what it says next to Item Location? Does it have any location stated at all? If it says ‘Fastest shipper on ebay’ or similar where it should say the location, avoid the seller, (trying to hide the location is actually against eBay rules). If the registered location is different to the location stated, then avoid the seller. Please be aware that there are now a growing number of forgers who are in a different country to which they are selling in. The reason is simply because you as the buyer are much less likely to be able to do anything about it. There are also known forgers operating from some of the eastern countries too, Poland, Romania, Russia etc. Also consider this, why is a man in Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy, Cyprus or Australia! selling David Beckham etc signed items which he claims to have got in person! Lately we have seen in increase in forgeries in football related items, especially shirts. Most claim excelent contacts with the club, and one even claims to be a member of a group who are working with eBay and trading standards, but of course they can offer no eveidence of this at all!

Unless you can be 100% certain, stay away from sellers in far off lands, chances are you will also end up being stung for import duty on fake items from a seller you will never get a refund from. We have reports now of a man in Italy selling signed football covers. He shows the real thing, but sends you a forgery, and he shill bids his own auctions too. The signs are there in his auctions, but can you see them? Avoid this seller at all cost. So if you see a seller in Italy offering signed Bobby Moore covers, stay away or you will lose out.
4/ Check to see what other items the seller has sold in the past 30 days, if they have sold more of the same Elvis signed photos etc (or similar hard to find items), then avoid them. To check their sales go to 'Advanced Search' (top right corner) then 'Search by Seller' and remember to click on 'Include Completed Listings'. Ebay will then give you a full list of all the items the seller has sold in the last 30 days. This can be quite eye opening when you see how many ‘rare’ David Beckham signed shirts they have sold in 4 weeks! This method also works for those who use the PRIVATE option too. Only this week i found a seller offering a 'rare' signed copy of a Harry Potter book, but failed to mention the 15 others they had sold in the past few weeks!

5/ Always check the feedback. Every dealer, even good ones get some negative occasionally, you can’t please everyone. But some dealers have a huge amount of negative, often warning others about the fakes they sell etc, but still people bid on their items. Take a good look at the sellers feedback history, go back a good few pages, see what sort of feedback they give buyers too, see if you can see any kind of patterns.

If this guide is proving to be of use to you, please make sure you vote YES at the bottom of this page. The more votes it gets, the higher it goes in the guides listings, and then more buyers will see it. Your vote may save others from wasting their money.

Check who they are buying from ‘See Feedback from Sellers’ this can show you where they are buying from, and in some cases you can then easily see they are buying fakes and reselling them. Look out also for negative comments left as a positive. Buyers are often concerned about leaving a negative feedback, so instead leave a negative comment as a positive feedback. All positive feedback is not always positive comment! And remember, that just because a seller has 1000+ positive feedbacks he is not a fraud. Buyers leave feedback based mainly on fast delivery of the goods, and buyers bid on fake items in the first place becuase they believe they are genuine, otherwise they would not have bid in the first place! So feedback generaly means nothing. 

Try this, go to (www) and type in the name of recently departed forger THESHARKEYMAN and you will wonder why anyone bought anything off this seller, but they did!
  6/ Avoid sellers who make excessive claims as to where they obtain their stock from etc. ‘I have worked in the music business for 30 years’ ‘item comes with an impeccable references from someone in the film industry’ ‘I buy my items from UACC dealers and other registered sources’ (the UACC do not allow anyone to make this claim unless they state EXACTLY who they purchased from, or they will be VERO'd off !) etc etc. Unless you already have considerable experience, then only buy from dealers who are actually members of the UACC, PADA or the IPDA (and can prove it), and be careful, anyone can join the UACC, it is after all a club for autograph collectors. Only Registered Dealers have been members for 3 years or more, and have proved they know what they are talking about, they have provided both references from other known dealers, and their stock has been checked on a regular basis by other dealers.  There are very few genuine dealers who are not UACC members, but there are many unscrupulous dealers who make the claim that being a member of the UACC proves nothing and so refuse to join. The truth is that most of these 'sellers' have been refused membership or have already been thrown out! Again, its the provenance of the seller you need check, not the provenance of the item!
7/ If the seller has Madonna, Harrison Ford, Elvis, etc all listed at the same time, way below their true market value, then they are 99.99% likely to be fake, so you know what to do! Avoid them. A real Elvis will cost you $500 plus minimum so forget about that $50 signed colour photo with loads of provenance that looks a bargain!
8/  Forget about any COA, an item is either real or its fake, and no amount of classy COA with triple holograms, a wax seal, fancy ribbon, DNA, or nice paper will make a poor fake into a genuine bargain. A COA is only as good as the seller is honest, and if the seller is a fraud, then your COA is no more useful than a used piece of toilet tissue!
9/ Learn how to bid. In other words, read the pages on ebay about how the proxy bidding system can work for you. Don’t wait until the last minute to bid and then get outbid by a sniper! Learn how it works, always bid slightly higher than you are prepared to pay and use it to your advantage. Find out about the sniper programs, thay are a must if you want to outbid your rivals.
10/ Other than asking a seller about the size of the item etc, don't waste your time asking them about the authenticity of the signature. If they are selling fakes, then they will tell you any lies they deem necesary to convince you of just how genuine it is. A forger will not only fake the COA and the Signature, but the story to back it all up as well. Again, check the provenance of the seller, not the item.

I hope the above has been of some use to you. Buying autographs on ebay is a great way to build a collection, and at the moment its a buyers market, and with good knowledge (and with the use of a snipe program!) you can obtain some excellent bargains. Get to know the dealers, do they only sell on ebay? are they known by any of the other dealers? do they attend any of the more well known autograph events such as AUTOGRAPHICA (try a Google search)?  or are they just a chancer selling fakes on ebay from a foreign land? Finding out more about the dealers means more than just asking the dealer!

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