Signed comics - a guide from Heroes Assmble Comics!

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Signed comics can often not quite be what you expect! As a buyer and seller of rare comics and collectable comics for years, Heroes Assemble comics has been fortunate to only get ripped off a few times. We would like to share our experience with you so you don't suffer a similar fate! If you are buying signed comics or autographed books you want to ensure your investment is protected with an original, not a fake, so here is our guide of what to look out for:

- Does the comic have a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) confirming the signature is authentic? If it does, is it from a reputable publisher like Dynamic Forces, Graham Crackers Comics or Jay Company? If it is from a private seller, check out their feedback for selling similar items or look on ebay for similar items and see if the signature is consistent.

- If it is a Dynamic Forces issue, look to see if it is a numbered or limited, but not numbered series. If it is numbered, the hand written number on the front should have a matching number on the COA on the back. Ask the seller for a picture of the COA if it is not shown on the lot. A UK seller has been selling fakes on Ebay where there is a number on the front with a non-numbered photocopied COA on the back!!! Mail me and I will let you know who to avoid. 

- If it is a Dynamic Forces signed comic, look at the COA. Does the colour look discoloured, washed out and is the printing sharp or fuzzy? If it isn't clear, ask the seller for a large photo and look at the number and the sharpness of the printing.

- What sort of pen is the signature written in? A recent bunch of fakes on Ebay UK were in thick gold and silver marker pen. When the same seller keeps selling large volumes of the same comic week in, week out you should question whether they really bought tens of copies or are busy in their bedroom with felt tip pens! LOL

- One of the most reliable forms of signed comic is from CGC Comics as their Signature Series comics are witnessed by authorised CGC representatives and sealed in protective plastic slabs. Check that the slab has the yellow Signature Series (SS) label and that the case hasn't been tampered with. Multiple cracks near the corners may indicate that the slab has been forced open.

- Heroes Assemble has been buying and selling rare signed comics for years and would be delighted to help you if you are worried about whether a book is authentic or a fake.


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