Silicone or Glass Screen protector for my Samsung S6/S7 Edge

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Which one is best ?

So you have you're new phone and you've been told that you may struggle getting a screen protector for it..

But you go on online and manage to find a few different types.


Do I Need One?

So you might be thinking if you should get one or not because the sales advisor that sold you the phone told you about the amazing gorilla glass the phone comes with. But be careful gorilla glass or not the phone is not destructible and if you drop it hard enough or on a bad angle rest assured it will break.

Having a screen protector decreases your chance of:

1 - Scratching the actual screen from day to day use
2 - cracking the screen 
3  - If it does smash,  from glass falling off you're screen

So, overall having one is good however do you choose glass or a silicone one?


Glass Vs Silicone

So now you have decided you'd prefer to have one and you have 2 options. 

So after trying many different glass screen protectors Ive noticed one major thing about them. As soon as you put a case on it you 're ruined. the screen lifts up and it's all over, so you need to go buy another one. Also after trying the many available  glass products I noticed that have one on reduces the sensitivity of the touch which I would have never got from a phone that doesn't curve like the iPhone. 

So maybe try a Silicone screen protector. They are not are strong but it will protect you from the day to day damaged that you encounter. They can be tricky to put on however once its on they are pretty good.

So they are all the same just different sellers, sell them at different price. 
Overall Quality and Price, I'd recommend the one I'm currently using which is pretty good. Here's the link if you want one aswell

S7 Edge:

S6 Edge:

Thank you. 

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