Silver Engagement Ring Buying Guide

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Silver Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Silver engagement rings are worn before a legal or symbolic marriage ceremony and are meant to show commitment to a partner. These rings are typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand: the same finger as a wedding ring. They tend to be more expensive and elaborate in design than wedding rings. Diamonds are the most common type of stone used in engagement rings, although other gemstones, such as rubies or emeralds, are also used. After a wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is usually worn together with the wedding ring. Engagement rings can be purchased separately or as part of a set that includes a wedding ring. A silver engagement ring should match the wedding ring in its style and design.

When purchasing a silver engagement ring, buyers should familiarise themselves with the various components of the ring including the band, setting, and stone. Buyers should also consider the advantages and disadvantages of silver and learn how to properly care for a silver engagement ring. Silver engagement rings can be bought from jewellery shops and online at retailers such as eBay.

Components of a Silver Engagement Ring

Silver engagement rings are made up of three parts: the band, the setting, and the stone. Each part varies in style and design.

Band of a Silver Engagement Ring

The band is the part of the ring that is worn around the wearer's finger. Silver bands are widely popular and come in several types, including sterling silver and silver plated. Pure silver is extremely soft, so it must be combined with other metals to be durable enough to be made into a ring. Sterling silver contains just over seven percent of other metals, such as copper or zinc. Silver plated rings may be made of another type of metal, such as nickel, which is then coated with silver. Silver engagement rings are available in various band sizes. Common finger measurements and their corresponding band sizes are given in the chart below.

Band Size

Finger Measurement (mm)











































When searching for the perfect silver engagement ring, it is important to consider the ring size. The measurements in the table refer to the diameter of the ring. Buyers should always measure the finger with exact precision. However, it may be possible to resize a ring if it does not provide a snug fit.

Setting of a Silver Engagement Ring

The setting of a silver engagement ring is designed to hold the stone in place. The two most common settings are pronged and invisible.

Prongs and Bar Setting for a Silver Engagement Ring

The most popular setting holds the stone in place with prongs, bars, or a combination of the two. The prong setting surrounds the stone with four or six prongs in each of the corners of the stone. The prongs lift the stone from the surface of the band to highlight the sparkle and light reflected by the cut. On the other hand, a bar setting uses perpendicular bars of metal in the ring to hold the stone.

Invisible Setting for a Silver Engagement Ring

Invisible set stones are held in a fixed position with a carefully calculated amount of pressure and small grooves in the band. This setting allows the stone to be on full display with the minimum pieces of metal used to hold it in place. A small holding cup is created and fused to the band, leaving the diamond free of any visible holding structures.

Stone of a Silver Engagement Ring

The stone is often considered to be the most important part of the ring. Diamonds are the stones most commonly associated with engagement rings. However, other types may be used. Stones vary widely in size, shape, and quality. Buyers should consider the type of stone, its cut, shape, and weight. The cuts of diamonds are given in the table below.

Diamond Cut



Most popular ring style

Suitable for most settings

Best shape to highlight the stone's brilliance

Has up to 108 facets



Looks bigger than differently shaped stones of the same weight



Considered to be most sophisticated shape



Looks longer than a round or oval cut diamond

Pointed at two ends


Round at the top and pointed at the bottom

Often used with other stones


Similar to the round cut

Works best with larger stones

The cut is one of the key features of the stone that determines its quality. Buyers should also observe other features, such as clarity, colour, and carat.

Advantages of Silver Engagement Rings

One of the main advantages of silver engagement rings is their price. Sterling silver is considered to be the cheapest of all metals, making it affordable for most buyers. Silver is also appreciated for its stylish, white colour. Silver can be resized, shaped, and soldered easily, if the engagement ring's band is plain.

Disadvantages of Silver Engagement Rings

Silver requires extensive care and it is a soft metal. This makes it prone to scratches and dents. Over time, silver engagement rings tend to show obvious signs of wear and age. Silver can also become tarnished and discoloured quite easily, making it less than ideal for everyday wear. Silver plating is known for fading over time.

Caring for Silver Engagement Rings

Silver tarnishes over time, especially when exposed to high levels of humidity and air pollution. When not being worn, sterling silver engagement rings should be stored in tarnish prevention bags. These treated bags are designed to slow down the tarnishing process and to prevent the ring from rubbing against other jewellery and being scratched. The tarnish prevention bags should then be stored in a cool, dry place.

Silver engagement rings should be cleaned with a polishing cloth. If the ring exhibits signs of tarnishing, it may be a good idea to have it professionally cleaned. As an alternative, buyers can choose to remove the tarnishing with a homemade solution. Buyers should cover a bowl or plate with aluminium foil with the silver side facing up. Next, add hot water, one tablespoon of baking soda, and one tablespoon of salt to the bowl and mix the solution until it dissolves. The tarnished silver ring should then be placed in the liquid and allowed to soak for at least ten minutes. The ring should then be rinsed and allowed to dry fully.

How to Buy a Silver Engagement Ring on eBay

To begin shopping for a silver engagement ring, buyers should go to the eBay homepage.. For all related item listings on eBay, type "silver engagement ring &" into the search field at the top of the page. Buyers are free to browse all of the results or to narrow down the listings by condition and price. Search terms can also be used to find specific items. For example, to see listings for diamond rings, type "silver diamond ring &" into the search field. Check eBay’s customer support pages for additional information on searching with keywords.

Buy a Silver Engagement Ring with Confidence

Buyers should read item listings for silver engagement rings carefully before making a purchase. It is important to check the price of the item, as well its postage and packaging costs. Examine available photos carefully. If additional images or information is required, then ask the seller. Sellers are usually happy to provide more information to promote a positive transaction.

Feedback Ratings

Buyers should check a seller’s feedback rating before purchasing a silver engagement ring. Ratings are determined by information provided by other buyers within the past 12 months. This information, along with the number of transactions a seller has completed, can offer insight into the level of service that a seller provides. Upon receiving the silver engagement ring, buyers are free to leave feedback for the seller. This is encouraged as it can help reliable sellers to find new customers.


Silver engagement rings are traditionally worn to symbolise a couple's commitment to each other in the time period before taking marriage vows. Although engagement rings can be made of various stones, popular engagement rings contain a diamond. When purchasing a silver engagement ring, buyers should consider the metal of the ring's band. The band can be made of sterling silver or can be silver plated. Buyers should bear in mind the setting for the stone. Prong settings are amongst the most popular. However, an invisible setting offers a better display of the stone. Buyers also need to consider the cut of the stone. Oval shapes enhance the length and grace of the wearer's fingers, while round shapes are the most popular and expensive.

Although silver engagement rings require high levels of care, they are appreciated and often preferred because of their affordability. By taking the time to learn how to care for a silver engagement ring, buyers can ensure long lasting wear and keep their ring looking like new. eBay sellers offer a range of silver engagement rings for that important proposal.

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