Silver Hallmarking

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This is a guide for some people who are not sure about hallmarks on silver items. As we all know most if not all items being sold as gold, silver or platinum in this country must have a hallmark to confirm that they meet the legal standard. There are some items which are exempt and those are any item which are under the legal weight threshold, in the case of silver this is 7.78 grams.

Hobbyists & Businesses can sell silver and gold jewellery without a hallmark but they cannot advertise the piece as being gold or silver (only white or yellow metal).

A Sterling Silver item can be 925 metal stamped once it's made up of more than 7.78g of Sterling Silver, It will then needs a full Assay Office hallmark. If the item has under 7.78g of Sterling Silver components it can be called Sterling Silver.

The legal weight threshold for the main four metals are listed below.

Silver: = 7.78 grams
Palladium: = 1.0 grams
Gold: = 1.0 grams
Platinum: = 0.5 grams

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