Silver cross Coach built prams My experience and guide

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I thought i would share my thoughts and experience about my current prams one of which is a original silver cross Carlton coach built.

Firstly its stunning! I feel so lucky to have found a really good one.

I purchased it off here for £125  nearly two years ago whilst still pregnant, my son is now over two years old and he still loves to be in it (although he is no longer able to lie down flat in it but he doesn't sleep much now during the day anyway).

 He sits up looking at the world go by, and when he used to fall asleep it was a quick one handed action to lay him down completely flat. When sat up he loves the fact he is high up and can see everything. One of the best things is that because he is high up and faces me I can see him and interact with him as we go about our daily life, he has loads of room to stretch out still, and can take loads of toys along to play with, and also it means no one is catching him with their shopping bags in passing, no car/traffic fumes are blowing into his carriage and he is better protected and surrounded should (god forbid) anything happen... yes I have had some women stretch over his head with a wire shopping basket  in the super market before but thankfully it didn't get to him due to the high solid sides!!

I had to look very carefully for a good model to come up for sale as some were not fit to put a baby in under closer inspection, I would not of put my son into a pram that was rescued from a shed for the past 30 years, or stored in a barn etc... who knows what had been living in it (and as we know mould and spores should never come into contact with a baby,these are the things that sellers who sell house clearances or builders who have found them in outhouses etc will be selling, they just spruce them up with heavy cleaning solutions and then say they will need cleaning/ restoring because they know they've tried there hardest to get the crap off but haven't quite managed it)

 Try and get a family owned or hand me down and that way you know where it has been and can judge if its fit to have a baby in.

Mine came just with the chassis and pram top with the hood and apron, I had to buy a pram bag, brake rubbers, sun canopy,pram bag hook/clips, mattress (never use an old or used mattress for obvious reasons) bedding, frame caps,and shopping  basket, unfortunately the girl who sold it me knew she would make a fortune selling it all separately and got more than if she sold it whole, (shame but true) So that bumped the cost up to over £275 all in all to get the pram in good order, cleaned with all parts and looking stunning.

 Don't be fooled either into buying expensive cleaners, we used brasso for the chassis, trainer whitener to bring up the wheels back to looking new and clarks (the shoe shop) fabric cleaner and waterproof protector sprays in order to restore the hood and apron and chassis, the body came up with t cut polish, there really is no need to buy the 'silver cross' range as its just as good and a lot cheaper... and easier to get hold of.

My particular model (the carlton) I chose as it has a folding down chassis and a flat bottom pram base which meant I could put it in the boot of my car if I needed to ( I own a fiat multipa which has a saloon size boot it wouldn't fit in my husbands saxo unless the back seat was down) also it has two handles either side of the pram top which means I can lift off the top and carry Ashley inside if he is still asleep.

My pram bedding I looked under the Moses basket quilt section and picked up two lovely white sets (for under £5 for both) that just complement my pram perfectly- again at a fraction of the cost as they were under Moses basket bedding not silver cross pram quilt section!

The other thing of course  is the attention you get whilst out and about, if your not the sociable type DON'T buy one as you always get someone wanting to stop and look, and if I had a pound for every time I had been stopped by someone saying 'nice to see a proper pram' ....I would of paid my mortgage off by now-that isn't an over exaggeration on average 3 or 4 people stop me every time i'm out in town, so I never take this pram if I intend to have a quick shopping trip.

These prams are ideal if you want to be a bit more eco friendly and stay healthy, you will walk for miles with one of these and you save a fortune on the cost in the first place.

Its also obviously been recycled and you will probably do the same to a new owner and you can fit a weeks worth of shopping in the basket.... so you will never need a carrier bag again!!

The other plus side to this in the summer, it has a huge sun canopy that completely covers the pram so your baby can sit for hours under the sun shade and you never need to worry about too much sun and you can wheel them out in the garden and use it as a safe haven to play in whilst you get a bit of gardening done or a spot of sunbathing even ( with the baby strapped it though of course!)....ive just added a picture of Ashley still in it aged over 2yr!!

I cant think off the top of my head anything else but if I do I will add it to this review.

 I have added a few pictures too so you can see for yourself what a lovely pram these really are!!

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