Simple Guide - How Referral Schemes actually work (BBC)

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This is a Genuine Offer for a FREE XBOX 360

Please copy and paste this link into your internet browser with http:// infront of it:

This is a genuine offer to get yourself a FREE Xbox 360 Premium Console. There are other offers available including PS3's, PSP's, HDTV's, Ipod's etc.

It involves a little bit of your time (5 mins) - Pliss possibly watching a couple of the latest DVD's or PS2/PSP games.

It has been accredited by the BBC - many people have received their consoles through this and simialr schemes.

How it works:

Marketing company's value having their services viewed; these referral schemes generate traffic to the company's websites, of which a percentage will purchase their product. By clicking on the link, you are a 'potential' customer to the company. This doesn't mean you will be paying for or buying anthing, but the company's see it as a plus that you are being directed past their products - and might compulsively make a purchase. This is the reason why company's that run the referral schemes can afford to give away free products to you, they are banking on 1 in 50 or 1 in every 100 people that sign up for a Free Trial to eventually buy something. THE TRUTH IS YOU DON'T HAVE TO PURCHASE A THING!!

Proof it works:

Please see is a clip from BBC Newsnight where they did a feature on ho it works, it is well worth watching and will give you confidence in what I am saying - it is about an Ipod scheme but is using the same method. Just copy and paste into your internet browser with http:// infront of it:

Have a look at (with http:// infront of it) It is a website forum where people describe receiving their items through referrals.

What to do:

1. Copy and paste the link into your browser (with http:// infront!):

2. Register your email address (through the website)

3.Complete 1 offer - (I have chosen the 'Screen Select' trial, it is a 30 day FREE TRIAL with no obligations. Simply register on their website, inputting your details (will include card details) - You do not have to pay anything, you can simply terminate the free trial before the 30 days expire.

4. Choose 10 DVD's/Games to rent (FOR FREE), sit back and wait a few days until the giveaway site gives you credit and then simply cancel the trial - no need to pay a thing! My giveaway account has been activated after I signed up for the free trial. It did this after about 24hrs. I've decided to keep it going for a while so I've got something to do whilst I look forward to receiving my Xbox 360. I received my first two DVD's through the post two days ago, you don't even have a time limit to keep them until, just post them back (free) when you feel like it!

5.In order to complete the process you have to get just 10 people to sign up and do the same. You will receive confirmation of people doing so as they sign up (I have 3 after two days - 23.06.06). This is the best site I have found as other sites ask for more than 15 referrals.

6. Wait for your free console to arrive! (Whilst enjoying free DVD's and Games!!!)

Please send me a message to let me know how you get on. I'll update my guide to let you know of my progress. Any other information just ask!

***Updated Description***

Another offer that I can say will cost you absolutely nothing is the 'Jackpot Joy' offer...I should have thought of this earlier! If you don't want to use the Free DVD's for a month this is the next best offer.

It states you have to play with at least £10 of your money. Well, you can play with it and chance losing it (or winning!) but if you just want to register without the risk, just play roulette, once! Place £5 on red and £5 on black, that way, you have placed a bet, and whatever happens, you win what you put on - £10! Therefore YOU HAVEN'T PAID A THING!

***Updated Description***




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