Simple Guide for Parents Buying Warhammer.........

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This Guide is aimed at Mums and Dads who have been given a Christmas/Birthday list and are not sure what they are buying...

A SIMPLE GUIDE FOR PARENTS  BUYING WARHAMMER . { Honest this is as simple as I could get it }

I have been collecting War game figures since the Mid 80s and as such have found that many of my friends have, at some, time asked me to help with what to buy when they have been given a present list.

Buying Warhammer can be easy if it is for someone who has been playing for a while and  knows exactly what they want.  They give you a list with the correct name, game system and hopefully an idea of the price.  You can then log onto EBay and after a few mouse clicks are presented with a list of available items.  If this proves fruitless and you are feeling rich then plan B is to pop along to your local friendly Games Workshop store/dealer, hand over said list + life savings and leave with a bag of goodies.  Job Done !!

This guide is aimed at those lucky Parents that are given a list that has the words {or similar to} " Anything Space Marine"  !!! what the hell is a Space Marine ??? !!! 
I need explain a little bit about the different game systems ( I will keep this a short as possible )

Games Workshop games come in many flavours and are generally not compatible.

Standard Games(Easily Available on the High Street)
Warhammer Fantasy Battles ( WHFB )---Sword and sorcery, knights and monsters etc. (28mm scale.  Soldiers are 25 to 40 mm high).
Warhammer 40,000 ( 40k )------------------- Set in the distant Future.  Sci-Fi, Space Marines etc  (28mm scale ).
Lord of the Rings ( LOTR )-------------------- Similar to WHFB but 25mm and set in the LOTR films world.

Specialist games. ( Generally only available Mail Order or Online )
Epic Armageddon (Epic)---------------------- 40K bit in a 6mm scale ( Very small, a tank fits in a matchbox) AKA Warhammer Epic 40K.
Warmaster ------------------------------------WHFB at 10 mm scale (Also Very Small).
Inquisitor---------------------------------------40K at 54mm scale ( troops are about 4 inches high ).
Mordheim------------------------------------- Similar to WHFB.
Necromunda---------------------------------- Similar to 40K.
Battle of 5 armies------------------------------ Similar to LOTR but Smaller scale.
Blood Bowl ---------------------------------- American football style game set in the future. 
BattleFleet Gothic----------------------------- Space Fleet Battles in the 40k universe.
FORGEWORLD----------------------------- Not a game system but a range of models for 40K and Epic. these require a lot of skill to build and are not recommended for the beginner.

I have generally only been asked to advise on the first three (Standard Games) for new players so this narrows the field straight away..
So here are the Things that need to be considered.

If you have been given all the details then you are almost there.  Write them down walk into Games Workshop / Toy Shop hand over the details and they will sort you out.  If you are after a bargain on EBay then check the listing and category closely and bid away.  But if not the fun starts here.
If you young person is new to war gaming then>>>>>>
40K>> You can't go wrong with Battle for Macragge box set, which also has an accompanying Web site www . macragge . com  ( remove the spaces) This contains all you need to start playing.  Easy read rules, dice, templates etc etc and two small armies, Space Marines ( Big tough Humans) and Tyranids ( Like the Alien films only bigger). 
Warhammer Fantasy Battles>> There will be a similar set 'Battle for Skull Pass' .  A big punch up between Goblins and Dwarfs..
Lord of the Rings>>  There is again a box set ' Mines of Moria ' ( See the film or read the book) to enable you to start straight away.
All of these box sets Retail at about £40 or on EBay £30 - 35.

If you Have only been given a vague idea then things can be quite difficult.>>>>>>>>>
Once you have the Game system sussed the next is the Race/Army.  There are 11 in 40K, 16 in WHFB and 2 in LOTR ( It is no good buying a nice 'Good Guy ' model when you really needed a 'Bad Guy' )
Here there is only one thing to do.......Seek advice.  From the person who introduced them to Warhammer,  Specialist game shop staff, I am happy for you to contact me through EBay and ask away.  A couple of questions will make all the difference.

In addition to the starter sets there are Army boxes which contain lost of models for the same army and in the right sort of numbers to fit the rules ( It is no good having a load of Chiefs when you only have two Indians !!). The big advantage of these is that they are cheaper than buying the individual models, but they are in the £70 bracket.  And sometimes have a limited edition model.

If you want to get an idea of price then Games Workshop have an excellent online store http:// storefront/ ( remove spaces before use )
so you will at least now know how much to bid on EBay for that bargain. 
Alternatively there are many good shops on EBay that sell new Games Workshop products at reduced prices.
But over all if you are new to the Warhammer Worlds be prepared for a bit of a shock, this is not a cheap hobby..
I would advise that you set a limit and stick to it.  War gaming, like so many other hobbies can suck you in to some expensive bills.

What happens after you have bought your first models / Box set.
You have just opened up a whole world of present opportunities.  The models will need to be assembled and painted.  This could involve Modelling tools, Glues, Base coat sprays, Paints, brushes, textured base material etc etc...
The army is never quite big enough so more troops will need to be added, then Transport & Tanks.  Next will be the Battlefield accessories Trees hills and so on.
On top of this there is a whole host of rule books, dice & a carry case to put it all in.  I think I have made my point !!

At the end of this you are probably none the wiser what a Space Marine is, but do you need to know ??  What is important is that you buy the right thing.    But I will also leave this thought have you tried to play yourself.  You can spend some quality time with your young ones and impart your sense of fair play and other wisdoms.  Just don't have a tantrum when they thrash you. :-) 

Thanks for reading my Guide.  Please vote for it if it has been some use to you.
Best wishes.

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