Simple Guide to Fat Burning Exercise

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Cardio vascular exercise, also known as stamina or CV exercise, is your best chance of buring fat, so long as you go for long enough, and get the intensity up (eventually).  It will, of course, keep your heart and circulation healthy.

See your doctor before starting any type of exercise programme, especially if you are not used to exercise, are 40+, have heart, blood pressure or other circulatory problems or they run in your family, are diabetic, asthmatic or pregnant.

If you have given up this type of exercise for 3 months or more, treat yourself as a beginner.

Invest in a good quality pair of trainers if you intend to walk, jog or run as a method of training.

Start a walking or cycling routine.  Use the treadmills, rowers, cycles, x-trainers and steppers at a gym, leisure centre or fitness studio.  These devices are also available for home use.  Use the reviews on internet sites to obtain a quality model.  They can often be picked up second hand on internet auction sites and in the small ads.

Initially, because you may only be able to exercise for a few minutes, choose a circular route back to home if applicable.  If you have to rest frequently, no matter, gradually increase the exercise periods and decrease the rests.  Adjusting your times by a minute here and 30 seconds there soon builds up to a respectable workload.  You should at all times be able to hold a conversation.

Work up to doing 30-40 minutes 4-5 times per week if you can.

Start to increase the intensity.  Consider incorporating swimming into your routine if you like it.  Pedal a little faster, jog instead of walk, choose hilly routes, adjust resistances of pedals, choose machines that work both upper and lower body.  You should now aim to be able to hold only a breathy conversation after the first 5 minutes of the session has passed.  You may be doing too much if you can only gasp.  You still need to be able to complete 30-40 minutes.  Take the last 5 minutes at a steadier pace to cool down.

If you get really keen:

Consider interval type training.  After warming up in your chosen activity, establish a steady pace and then every minute or every 30 seconds, up your pace to as fast as you can for 10 seconds or so.  Then return to the steady pace, alternating this method throughout the routine.  Cool down as above.

Join aerobic dance exercise, boxercise or circuit training type classes, where the keeping up with the rest of the class raises fitness levels further and burns yet more fat.

Do not stop!! return to exercise as soon as is possible after injury, pregnancy, holidays, new work commitments, etc.  Once you have achieved your goals, adjust pace, frequency and diet to maintain body composition/weight.

Try caffeine supplementation.
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