Simple Ways to Advertise Your eBay Store Inexpensively

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If you have just opened a store on eBay and are wondering how to drive more traffic to your store you may find some of these tips handy.

Continuous Auctions

Make sure you have items either listed as auctions or fixed price so that they are easily searchable on eBay. This drives the traffic to your store. Even if you don't sell well with auctions you must consider it a small price to pay. Chalk it up to advertising! This is vital for traffic.

Blogging and Forums

Join the eBay blogs and forums to get the word out about your store. It is a great way to promote and it is also fun to socialize with your fellow eBayers about similar interests. Everyone can see your i.d. and click on it to get to your store easily. The cost is free to you!

Writing Guides

Writing guides is another great way to get more traffic. Guide topics are limitless. You can write just about anything you want such as products you sell, special interests, and general interests. Some of your products can be displayed right next to your guides! Again, the cost is free to you!

Cross Promote your store with fellow eBayers

This is another great way to advertise you items. If you agree to cross promote with someone, your products will appear in the other eBayers store when someone purchases an item from them and vice versa. No cost!

Google Base Store Connector

This is something that Google offers where you can download your store items onto their website and they will be searchable on Google. Free!

Advertising on Websites

Many eBayers have their own websites and will offer to advertise your store on their website with a direct link to your eBay store. There is usually a small fee for this, Obviously the more popular the website the more traffic you will get.

Store Newsletter

Make sure you have a store newsletter. This way people can subscribe and when you have sales or new inventory, you can send them emails. This is a great way to get repeat customers. This is also free with your store subscription.

Business Cards

When you ship out a sold  item make sure you throw in a business card with it. These don't have to be fancy and can be fairly inexpensive to make yourself. Just purchase "Clean Edge" business cards for your printer. Some website's even have templates so you can make and print your own business cards.

RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication or RSS allows eBay buyers who subscribe to receive automatic listing updates from your store. Just turn it on under your marketing tools.

Export Listings

You can also export your listings to third-party search engines. This can also be turned on under your marketing tools. These are just some of the many ways to advertise your eBay store.

I hope you have found this helpful. Now go out there and get more traffic and sales!

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