Simple ebay guide

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A few tips.

Here is a really short and guide with a few hints and tips when shopping on Ebay. I hope it makes things a bit easier. 

*Search for the item under all categories sometimes it may be under the wrong categories or spelt incorrectly. 
*Check out all the pictures of the items they show if the item is genuine and can also show if there is any imperfections. Usually the seller will mention these in the product details section.
*Read the product details sometimes items may have tears, scratches or have a strap that needs sewn back on and that's why it's selling cheaper. It will also state if it's new or used, if it has tags or original packaging. 
*Shop around look for similar items from other sellers, you may find yourself a bargain. 
*Check the sellers feedback and reviews make sure they are reliable and have more positive reviews than negative. 
*Set a maximum price! That way eBay bids for you until you reach your maximum bid it stops over spending. It is unbelievably easy to get caught up in a bidding war spending a crazy amount on those boots you liked. 
*Check to see if there is a buy it now option. It saves you bidding and you know that item is yours with just a few clicks. 
*check shipping or mailing prices. Nobody wants an unexpected postal £30 expense especially after snagging a bargain. 

I hope this little guide helps. Happy bidding good luck and have lots of fun !! 

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