Simple guide for buying authentic Hermes Birkins

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Luxury Genie are experts in sourcing and procuring Authentic Hermes Birkin's and Kelly's.

Over the last year we have received many emails requesting assistance so it was time to compile's to help you buy more secureley.

There are so many bags listed but so which ones are authentic? This simple guide is a check list of some of the things you should look out for when buying online.

The quality of a Birkin bag is truly in its beauty. Using only the finest leathers and exotic skins and each bag is hand produced with care. If for any reason you have any doubts about the skin then its sure to be a fake. 

A birkin bag has no bulges in the leather. It will sit upright and has a smooth silhouette.

To ensure that your bag is authentic it must have the following: 

The hardware which includes the keys, buckle, and feet studs will be in either Gold plated or made with Palladium which is non tarnishable. 

The stitching will be slanted and even. It will be slanted. There will no mistakes in the stitching. usually the same color is used for the stitching as the colour of the bag. 

Under the flap of the bag the words’ Hermes Paris, Made in Paris’ are stamped in the leather. The words are clear and the accent on e will fall \. 

Each Birkin comes with a stamp on the inner leather sangles. They will have the stamp of the years. For example 2010 is N 2009 is M as well as the artisans ID stamp. 

When buying exotic skin there are markings to determine the exotic leather. 

Each Birkin comes with a lock and key. The lock will have the words Hermes engraved on the bottom as well as the number of the key which corresponds to the lock. 

The clochette cover is made of one piece of leather. Not two pieces sewn together. 

The Birkin sits beautifully on four feet made of either Gold Plated or Palladium. The bag will stand up on its own . If it topples over then its a fake. 

A Birkin has two inner pocket. A zippered and non zippered pocket. The zippered pocket will have a h at the base and the words Hermes engraved into the zipper pull. Also the tab will be straight not at a 90 degree angle facing downwards when pulled shut. 

Pre 2007 all dust bags were orange flannel. Post 2007 they are a beige and light brown Herringbone Toile. the rain cover is soft to the touch and included in every bag. 

All exotic skin (crocodile, alligator, ostrich, lizard etc) Birkins comes with a CITIES for transportation. 

Hermes bags never come with card certificates or paper tags. BEWARE. 

If in doubt why not email us through eBay or list for authentication via the purseforum.

The most important note to remember is that a Birkin 35cm is approx £5600 in the store. So if the Birkin is bargain basement price then please do rethink the purchase.

If its too good to be true then it usually is!

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