Simple guide for making your own chocolate lollies for gifts

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Ever wanted to make your own chocolate lollys for chrismas gifts? Its alot easier than you think....

All you need is ...

1. A chocolate mould 
Finding moulds on ebay is also simple and can be cheap. Just put chocolate lolly moulds in the search bar :)
You will notice that you can get many differant types from metal , silicone and plastic , this makes the price change alot! For basic gift giving all you need is the basic plastic "round" lolly type. These are great as you  can add lots of designs to these plain lollys..

2. chocolate 
Now I could talk about all the things you have to do with chocolate , like tempering (to make your chocolate harden with a nice 'snap' and shine) , but then things would start to get complicated very fast.
So luckily for the beginner there is a much simplier solution... chocolate melts or candy melts :)
Now these come in many differant colours ,and flavours.There are also many differant types,but as this is a simple guide I am not going to go through them all but instead will offer my  recammendations.The most popular are Wiltons,but I find these are very sweet and not really good for lollys.My personal favourate is from a place called Yolli. Again just pop chocolate candy melts into the search bar and choose your chocolate.

3. A plasic bowl 
Any plastic bowl or jug will do , but make it a microwave safe one,because I find the easiest way to melt the chocolate is the microwave method :)
Just pop your chocolate into the bowl,and pop in the microwave.Now to be safe i only put it on for 30secs then stir,it will seem like its not melting but it is.Then pop it in for another 30 secs and stir, then only pop in in for 10secs each time while stirring untill you are happy with the look of your meled chocolate. There are many videos on you tube that show you this methos in more detail. 
DO NOT let even one drop of water get near your chocolate as this will cause it to seize into a hard, horrible lump and ruin it.

4. lolly sticks
Plastic are best and come in lots of colours and sizes.Pick what is best for you. Again these are easily found on ebay :)

5. lolly pop bags
Easily found on ebay in lots of sizes,choose the size you need to fit your lolly.

6. twist ties or curl ribbon
Just to tie off and finish the look of your lovely gift you made ;)

7. Sprinkles, sweets ect if you want to decorate your lolly,these are optional

ok so to break it all down into a simple quick guide.....

1. Take your lolly mould , make sure its clean and dry
2. Melt your chocolate
3. Fill your moulds (see video)
3. Carefully pop in your lolly sticks ,then pick up your mould and gently tap it on the bench.This will spread the chocolate out flat and get rid of any air bubbles.
4. Leave to dry/harden,you can either pop them in the fridge or in the freezer (just make sure its no more than 10mins in the freezer)
5. Pop your lollys out of the mould
6. You can decorate your lollys with sprinkles,sweets or anything you fancy by just adding a little melted chocolate and adding your decoration. Or if you are feeling adventurus try pipeing a name or greeting on in chocolate :)
7. once everything is done and dry just pop your lolly into a bag and tie.
8, You gift is ready to give to family and friends,and the best part is ... you made it ! :)

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