Simple guide to choosing 925 silver jewellery on Ebay.

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This is the first of my Jewellery guides to help you remember the simplest things to check for, which may be obvious when you are on the high street but often get forgotten in the heat of the moment on Ebay!

1.The Seller.

Always check the seller feedback, aim for as near to 100% as possible, if looking at a feedback score of 97 - 99% take a look at the negative comments and get a feel for whether :

a) the buyer was a bit unhinged at the time and the seller appears genuine and honest!

b)The seller sounds a bit dodgy and a few angry people are in his / her wake!

Check the sellers feedback as ' a seller'  not as 'a buyer' as some scammers buy a few things to get good feedback and then start to scam as a seller.

Carefully checking the feedback will show you how happy buyers are with the sellers performance all round, i.e. goods, communication,postage,quality, pricing and service.

See this example:

There are a lot of great people selling and buying on Ebay, this is a good start to finding them!

If you want more info on the seller check if they have an Ebay ME or My World page, this may help you get a feel for the sellers personality, view of the world etc,e.g.:

find me here :    and my newly founded blog page here:

2.The Item.

If you are after a specific item or stone refine your search with search categories (top bar) and item specifics ( left margin) or browse for hours if you have the time.

If you 'want it yesterday!' unfortunately today will have to do, so search for 'Buy- it- now' items or shop items and remember to specify in item specifics whether you want new / used.

Look carefully at the gallery photo, is it clear and well lit  ? Can you see the required details?Or is it out of focus and difficult to see details.Can you see the necklace / chain clasp, or earing hooks or are they 'chopped off' in the photo.(I have accidently done this myself at times I regret!) E-mail seller before purchase if you require confirmation .

Check the description carefully:

Has it been listed as 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Silver, is it hallmarked? If so it is likely to be genuine silver, beware of sellers who list silver plated / silver filled / silver coloured jewellery in the Fine Jewellery ; Silver category, with an intention to mislead buyers.Check out here for some genuine description examples :Jayjays Wonderland.

Is the stone in the jewellery named? Has it been listed as a 'pretty pink stone' in which case it could be any type of stone genuine or synthetic, or has it been named e.g. Pretty pink Opal stone.

Beware of stones listed with prefixes such as '2 carat c Diamond'..the 'c' refers to cultivated or synthetic, not naturally occuring stones.Also look out for cz stones (Cubic Zirconia) listed amongst the genuine diamonds.

Does the description give measurements so you can get some idea of size? Jewellery has to be photographed in macro mode to show clarity, however this can ocassionally be misleading regarding size.Does it state chain length / stone size / overall size / drop of earing...either including length of  bail or not.?

How much is the postage ? Don't be so carried away by the beautiful bargain priced  item that you bid / commit to buy and then discover a £10 postage cost!

(Remember that the postage quoted includes the cost of envelopes / packing materials / gift boxes / petrol as well as Post Office costs, but should still be reasonable.)

Is the item from in / outside U.K.? This will obviously affect costs and postage times.

Does the seller post 1st / 2nd class, how soon does the seller pledge to post after payment? I always post within 24hrs of receipt of payment by first class post, hence the good feedback.

3.Returns Policy

Does the seller have a clearly stated returns policy or guarantee? It doesn't have to be lengthy so long as what is offered is stated clearly. This policy may be in a display box on the front page of the sellers shop or in the individual item description.Check out one of my listings here for an example.

4.Enjoy the hunt!

This bit needs no explanation....thank you for reading.

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