Simple rules - feedback/delivery.

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This guide will be based on feedback and delivery importance. Too many people slip on these simple tasks which can cause a big problem to both the buyer and seller.

Feedback is immensly important in the world of eBay and too many users often don't give it. I recently sold an item and the buyer never left me feedback, this was extremely frustrating as my feedback is low enough to begin with without recieving fully deserved feedback. Her item was sent correctly, the packaging keeping it mint as described, she was happy but left me nothing to show others how she appreciated it.

Ensure if you are the seller, you leave feedback as soon as you find someone has bought your item, this keeps the buyer of the item happy as they know you have noticed. Never leave it up to the buyer to leave you feedback first, that can make you seem like you do not appreciate them for buying from you. If you are the buyer, do NOT leave feedback until you have recieved your item and if you are slightly displeased by it, even if slightly, always let the seller know so he/she can sort it out with you. This tends to be if your item is damaged when it was offered as mint/new. But if you are happy, always leave feedback! This is very important to the seller, it keeps the sellers ratings up.

Negative feedback - Only leave negative if you truely believe the seller deserves it. I had to leave my first negative feedback due to someones item being misleading, they also sent me nothing it said it would include and when I contacted them, they refused refund and answered in a rude manner. I decided this was a good enough reason to leave negative, a person should not have 100% if they cannot sort out a situation with someone who has purchased from them.

Now, for delivery. I would psuh for anyone to put their delivery as recorded, this can be due to people faking they have not recieved their item which truely they have. A lot of people are genuine, but I have witnessed it myself. I sold an item to a man who then demanded a refund due to not recieving his item which I later found out he was a conman and was removed from selling. Recorded just allows you proof that you have sent the item, it is much safer and worth the 60p more it will cost you for second class!

Also, to the seller, when you have posted your item, always put on that you have shipped it. It can easily cause paranoia to a buyer if no delivery is shown and it takes longer than a week.

All these you will witness over your time on eBay, but if more people put a little more attention, we can overcome all these simple mistakes from happening

Thank you for reading, and I hope it helps some of you out there.

- DeceptedJade


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