Singing dancing Iggle piggle

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I purchased one of these for my son  last Christmas, who is now 15 months old, he never really played with it until now and its become one of his favourite toys,and its made him remember and relate to the program theme tune  now should it come on to the tv on cbeebies, it has various interactive phrases which he doesn't understand yet, he is too busy kissing iggle piggle at the moment! Im sure as Ashley gets older he will learn to use this toy better as it does seem to be for more older toddlers, if nothing else it has learnt him hand and eye co ordination at the moment because he can push the foot to turn it on and pop the blanket in and out of igglepigles hand now too. The only down side is it doesn't come apart for washing and to be fair it doesnt do very many interactive phrases either, after a few times playing with it im sure it will be used just as a doll only and children would get board quickly with it. so only 3/5 rating for this product as you dont actually get alot for your £34.99 which is what we paid from boots for it christmas 2007.

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