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Whenever you purchase a cross stitch chart REMEMBER....always double check the size of the finished product. Any decent designer should be easily asked,  and in doing so,  all questions answered.


I myself prefer massive cross stitch projects......ya know the type that will infuriate.....become an obsession...and basically ruin your spare time.....but hey...i am an obseesive stitcher and designer.....But what really gets my stitching fingers tapping is the descriptions on some of these designs for sale.


They will tell you :- the shape, the size, the colours, the threads, the needles.....and even possibly the finished design size........But what is really important is how much aida etc, you will need to purchase.


Follow this simple rule........Check your frame sizes.

Off the shelf frames are as follows:- 3.5" x 5",  4" x 10",   4" x 6",  5" x 7",  6" x 7",  8" x 6"

                                                      8" x 10",  10" x 12",  8" x 12" (A4),  9" x 7",  12" x 16"

                                                     16" x 20",  14" x 11",  27" x 39",  24" x 32",  29" x 20"


Remember;- size of design  +  aperture of frame +  2" all round for binding.


So if for example you had a design 5" by 6" would require a frame......6" x 7" the Aida you would need to purchase would be...........8" x 9".


N.B. The bigger the design.....the less chance of finding a frame already made.......just remember to add at least 5" all round. 


All my designs come with a handy "Hintz & Tipz" page.....and we are usually somewhere near if you need a question answering.


"Good Health Always and Keep On Stitching"


Chris & Datz ( The Everfaithfulkinda Doberman )

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