Sleeping at night for those without a conscience

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God knows how I came to read these two postings. Whatever the arguments are, I would say that if I sold a car to someone on ebay and the next day it was undriveable (and needed a new engine!!!!) I would feel guilty enough to refund them anyway, regardless of what I knew or didn't know about the car. The fact Mr dealer here says he'll sleep at night knowing the disruption to a family it has caused only adds more to my reasons for NEVER buying anything off ebay, not even for a quid. I bought a car off a 'friend' and it blew up the same week. The lights were connected with a coat hanger and the exhaust fell off the week after. It also needed 4 new tyres. It cost me £1500 in repairs. It's worth £800 tops. And funnily enough he didn't want anything to do with it, or me, once he'd sold it.

Greed, my friends is the plague of Britain in 2006.

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