Slipknot Mate Feed Kill Repeat REAL or FAKE?

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If you have done your research you know of a 'demo' cd album recorded in 1996 by Slipknot prior to their signing up to Roadrunner in EXTREMELY LIMITED NUMBERS. As a Slipknot fan I have been searching frantically on ebay for a genuine copy.

I have become aware of many fake versions being listed on ebay and sold on for big money but be aware it may be fake!

These fake albums I'm talking about look the real deal, printed cd, fully printed booklet, basically it looks real enough.

However after search on ebay I have come across many of these suspected fake cds and here what I suggest to be aware of...

  1. German seller? - I have seen many of these being sold off and mostly from German sellers...
  2. Highest Bidder ID is Hidden - why is this? So no one can contact a potential buyer and notify them of something odd?
  3. Does the description say the CD is SEALED? - This CD was NEVER sold sealed.
  4. Seller feedback private - If they have such good feedback why would they hide it? you would most likely see they have sold many of these off fooling many people.

I know a website specifically for identifying fake Mate Feed Kill Repeats. html

It did have pictures, but now they do not work but the written info is still there.

The CD test itself is html REMOVE THE SPACES

The Covers test itself is html   REMOVE THE SPACES

I hope this does help and makes you more aware of whats real or not.

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