Slot Car tyre testing.

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Tyre Testing  The track is painted with household emulsion, with copper tape
for contact. No Magnet force here. The chassis is NSR 997 Rally. Standard, new
and nothing add, no 'E' number here. I plan to send a car to the 2012 RAA proxy
series. That was the main reason for making this pan. To help balance the car
up. The plan: I wanted to keep as much consistency as possible, therefore, the
track and chassis are the constant. The only thing to change will be the tyres,
volts will differ according to how much volts it takes for the chassis to start
to drift. The tyres I plan to use in this test are:- WASP. The main reason for
doing this test. URETHANE, new kid on the block, one of the best tyres I have
used. PaulG URETHANE. Very large wide stock of tyres, all makes and sizes, A1
guy, quick and easy to deal with, very helpful. Super tyres, Yellow Dog. Slot
Car corner. Nic Hobbies. Two types, Silicon and URETHANE. Silicon the best, but
track needs to be very clean. URETHANE. Not as quick as the Silicon, but great
tyres. If you're going to be doing a Proxy race, RAA, Super Tyres seem
to be the main tyre of choice. NSR. The best rubber money can buy. WC slot car
maker. Italian. Buy from TS&T or Pendle's Again, they make Rubber
and Silicon based tyre. Also very good. Italian. Buy from Pendle's or TS&T,
ORTMANN. Made buy Michael Ortmann. Vast range to fit most slots. URETHANE. These
used to be the tyre of choice, but something has changed and they are not as
good as they used to be, in my opinion. So, that's the list of tyres out of the
way. Now onto testing. All tyres had their own wheels. Tyres trued and glued
to wheel before testing. Taking the formula for 'G-Force as - G = (1.226 x r
) /t2 The Volts column is just there to show how fast the car is going to archive
the G #.

 The Results.

  These are the results for my skid pan, not yours. You will come up with different
    results. All tracks are different. What I did find. 'P' tyres, the
    more laps they do, the hotter they get. The hotter they get, the sticker
    they get. and start to grip better. A tip - if your club uses 'P',
    keep them on their own wheels and keep very warm until race time. Are there
    'heated blankets' for slot car tyres? When I suggested doing this test, a
    friend said you will see a big difference between the makes of tyres. NO,
    I said. I doubt there will be much in it. And as you can see, there really
    is not much in it between the lowest and highest numbers. CW = a difference
    of 0.384G and a time of 0.147s. CCW= 0.331G, and 0.201s. I love the,
    because it gets sticky (I must buy some of their other tyres, The 'C', 'F',
    'P, 'S', must do the same with NSR). Just like touching sticky tape. NSR,
    very smooth and the longer they are running, the better they perform. WASP & PaulG.
    I have been using Paul's on most of my car for a while now. WASP are new
    to me. But if I had to choose between them, I would have to buy both. Super
    Tyres. If only I had cleaned the track before I tested these. I may test
    them again, once I have repainted the pan. I'm sure I could get a better
    time. They work well on latex/acrylic painted wooden track. So I may paint
    it with that and try again. I feel bad about the Ortmann's. They just did
    not work the way I expected. Even though they were new, trued of course.
    But not high on my shopping list for tyres. Go back to the original formula.
    The next time I play with this, I will get a Chassis and balance it up on
    standard rubber. That will make a difference. Tips. The best tyres by far
    are silicon, then urethane then NSR rubber. But again, it's a hell
    of a lot to do with track surface. And what paint, plastic you're running
    on. The guys over the pond seem to favour latex paint, so it stands to reason,
    silicon will work well on it. Something I have learnt. When truing. Use P180
    to get the size, then W&D, 1000, then 1500 and finish with 2000 or higher.
    You must wet with water. Then you set them on a flat plate and lower the
    tyres on to the polishing papers. Drip water on the tyre as you polish. With
    the and NSR wheels, I fit to a cut down axle and fit to my DREMEL,
    spin that up on its lowest setting. Urethanes will polish in as they run.
    Silicone won't. But then urethanes wear and silicone doesn't.

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