Slow Cookers only do stew.....

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I used to think Slow Cookers only made  stew... Little did I know! Now, a mum of two working full days I could not live my life without one!

this morning before work I added a joint of brisket to have with crispy baguettes and salad the minute we get in from work.

At first I was worried about leaving food cooking all day.. What if it burnt to a crisp and set on fire when I was out? How much electricity is it using? Well, after using for three years almost every day I have  ever had a problem with the food burning and I'm reliably informed that the cost of using it is the equivalent of a standard light bulb left on all day! Hey, I can handle that - much more cost effective than the oven!

i have quite a repertoire of dishes now.. Spaghetti bolognese, chilli, curry, stew (yes they ARE good for stews) whole chickens, jerk chicken, pulled pork and wait for it CAKES!! You can make cakes in your slow cooker.

The internet is brilliant for finding tips on getting the best use from your slow cooker with Facebook groups such as 'slow cooker saddo's' where I have got the majority of my recipes from.

Type - I have a cheap Tesco 3.5litre one.  It's lasted well, easy to clean and does a family of four no probs.

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