Small Changing Bag Buying Guide

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Small Changing Bag Buying Guide

A changing bag is an essential item for a parent to have when travelling with a baby. The changing bag holds all the necessary items, including nappies, baby wipes, and baby clothing, that parents and carers need to take care of a baby. Changing bags come in different sizes. Large changing bags hold more baby care items than small changing bags. Large changing bags are for longer periods away from home, such as holidays away, weekend getaways, and out-of-town excursions. Small changing bags are carried for quick trips to the park or shops, last-minute get-togethers, and in emergencies when the parent cannot locate the main changing bag

Many parents like the versatility of the small changing bag. With a small changing bag, parents no longer need carry around the equivalent of a small suitcase when travelling with their baby. This benefit becomes immediately apparent when trying to carry a baby and a changing bag at the same time.

When shopping for a small changing bag for a baby, there are several important factors to consider. The type of changing bag is the first consideration , followed by functionality, quality, versatility, comfort, and style. eBay offers a wide selection of different types of small changing bags.

Types of Changing Bags

There are three types of changing bags. They include the messenger bag, backpack, and tote bag. Within these three broad categories, there can be two-in-one combinations such as a backpack that converts to a messenger bag.

Messenger Changing Bag

A messenger changing bag has a long shoulder strap that allows the bag to hang straight down by the wearer's side, or it crosses over the body with the bag lying across the front of the body. The bag has a flap that folds over the top of the bag and fastens either in the front of the bag or on the side of the bag, using magnets or Velcro closures.

Backpack Changing Bag

A backpack changing bag is worn over the shoulders by way of two straps, with the main pack lying against the wearer's back like a regular backpack. Backpack changing bags are usually longer than messenger bags. With the backpack's additional pockets and compartments on the front of the backpack, this type of changing back can also hold more baby items than a messenger changing bag. Because backpack is not worn on both shoulders, the wearer has both hands free for holding the baby or doing other tasks. Most men prefer this type of changing bag over the other types, because of its more masculine appearance.

Tote Changing Bag

A tote changing bag has a similar appearance to a large handbag. It is a smaller than the messenger bag and backpack. It is usually carried by way of two handles, instead of a shoulder strap, although some styles of tote changing bags do come with shoulder straps. The tote changing bag can cost more than a messenger changing bag or backpack changing bag, because tote bags often come in designer styles and prints. Many women prefer this type of changing bag for short trips, because it is lightweight and can carry the essential baby care items. For going on longer trips, a messenger bag or backpack is more practical.

Important Factors to Consider

When shopping for a small changing bag, there are several key factors to consider. They include functionality, quality, versatility, comfort, and style. A small changing bag may differ in size from a large changing bag, but it still has the same basic features as a large changing bag.


Functional changing bags store and organise baby items such as nappies, bottles, creams, wipes, clothes, and a changing mat. A large changing bag holds all of these items in addition to such items as toys, snacks, blankets, books, and feeding items. A small changing bag can not hold all of these items. It holds only the essential items needed for a short trip, such as nappies,wipes, a change of clothes,creams, a bottle, and a changing mat. The baby care items must be easy to access within the bag.

Changing Mat

A changing mat is usually included with large and small changing bags. It is one of the most essential items. It can be folded or rolled up in the changing bag or placed in its own pocket within the changing bag. It is usually padded and colour coordinated with the bag, and can be wiped clean or machine washed.

Bottle Holder

A bottle holder is another essential feature a small changing bag should have. The changing bag may come with an integrated bottle holder pocket inside the bag or on the side of the bag. Some bottle holders are detachable, providing additional space, when needed, for storing other items. The holder is usually insulated. It is important to know that larger-sized feeding bottles may not fit into the bottle holder provided with a small changing bag.

Pockets, Compartments, and Dividers

Changing bags come with various pockets and compartments for organising and storing various items. Mesh pockets allow the carer to easily identify items such as bottles, wipes, creams, and nappies. The pockets and compartments may be different sizes and colours. Some changing bags even provide a mess bag or compartment for dirty nappies, clothes, and wipes. Small changing bags may have a lining divider instead of pockets. The divider can be taken out of the bag, and the bag can be used for other purposes, such as a handbag or a lunch bag.


A changing bag needs to be made of quality material that can withstand continual outings and extended trips. The bag must be durable, and easy to clean. The fasteners should be easy to open and close.

Changing Bag Materials

The majority of bags are made of cloth, vinyl, and poly-canvas. The material must be durable, and either machine- or hand-washable. Some vinyl and poly-canvas bags are also wipeable and waterproof. The inner and outer compartments, pockets, dividers, and lining of the bag should be easy to clean and sanitise.


A quality changing bag is easy to open and secure using fasteners. Messenger bags mainly use magnets and Velcro closures to secure the bag. Magnets may not be as strong as Velcro closures, but they are easier to open and do not wear out as quickly as the Velcro closures. Backpacks and some tote changing bags use zippers for fasteners. While zippers can be strong and durable, they are difficult to open while holding a baby at the same time.


A changing bag, especially a small changing bag, can be very versatile and used for other purposes. Many bags contain mobile phone pockets, and key rings for adults to store their own personal items, eliminating the need to carry an additional bag or purse. Some changing bags are made to connect to pushchairs and prams. Other changing bags can be converted into handbags, lunch boxes, sports bags, laptop and overnight bags, when they are not being used for storing baby items. Some small changing bags are used as wallets with a few dividers or compartments for a nappy, a bottle, and some wipes for that quick trip to the shops.


Comfort is another important consideration when purchasing a small changing bag. Small changing bags are more lightweight than large changing bags, and so are not too heavy on the shoulders, arms, back, or hands. They are also easier to pick up and put down while carrying a baby. Backpacks allow the hands to be free while carrying a baby, but messenger bags that cross the body are easier to open and take out essential items.


Style is another important factor to consider when selecting a changing bag. The buyer's own personal fashion taste largely influences the type of bag purchased. Messenger bags and tote bags are considered more stylish than backpacks. They are popular with women. Backpacks are viewed as more practical and functional. They are popular with men.

Styles range from designer prints to solid colours such as blue, black, pink, white, yellow, or green. Men like neutral colours, while women prefer vibrant, colourful designs. Character designs are also popular, along with flowers and stripes.

The following table lists the three main types of small changing bags. They include the messenger bag, backpack, and tote bag. The table compares the materials, accessories, and key features.

Type of Changing Bag

Materials and Accessories

Key Features

Messenger Bag

Cloth, vinyl, poly-canvas; shoulder strap; magnets or Velcro closures

Pockets, compartments for a changing mat, bottle, nappies, keys, and mobile phone


Cloth, vinyl, poly-canvas; two shoulder straps; zippered or Velcro closures

Larger pockets, compartments for a changing mat, bottle, nappies, keys, and mobile phone

Tote Bag

Cloth, vinyl, poly-canvas; two hand-held straps or optional shoulder strap; zippered or magnet closures

A few, small compartments for nappies, changing mat, keys, and mobile phone

The table above describes the basic materials and features of the three types of small changing bags. eBay provides a vast selection of changing bags to appeal to any buyer or budget. They offer small changing bags in various colours, designs, and styles.

How to Buy a Small Changing Bag on eBay

When shopping for small changing bags on eBay, there are several easy ways to search for them. The buyer can type in a phrase like ' small changing bag ' in the search bar on the eBay home page. The buyer then clicks the 'Search' button, and a page of listings with descriptions for small changing bags appears. The buyer can the select a listing and read the description for that particular changing bag. The buyer can also use a combination of keyword searches and search filters to find specific listings for small changing bags. By selecting and deselecting various search filters, the buyer can sort the listings based on essential features, brand names, and colours.

When reading the descriptions, it is important to also read the seller's profile and to determine postage, delivery, and return information. This information is listed within the description. Some specific sellers have been ranked as top-rated sellers by previous buyers for providing quality customer service and efficient delivery. To view these particular sellers, the buyer simply selects ' eBay Top-Rated Seller ' under the 'Seller' heading on the results page. The buyer is then routed to a page of listings for these types of sellers. If the seller is in the local area, the buyer may be able to meet with the seller to pick up the item rather than paying delivery charges.


A changing bag is an essential item for any parent. It neatly stores and organises a baby's nappies, bottles, wipes, creams, and other necessities. The three different types of changing bags, which include the messenger bag, backpack, and tote bag, are functional, versatile, and stylish.

A small changing bag is great for quick trips to the shops, a friend's house, or for keeping in the car when the main bag is not handy or is too bulky to carry. These small baby changing bags can be coordinated with other baby accessories, bags, and travel items. Some bags can even convert into a bag for adults once the baby outgrows the need for a changing bag.

There are some important factors to consider when purchasing a small changing bag. The buyer should determine the items included with the bag, such as a changing mat or bottle holder. The buyer should also determine the number of pockets, compartments, or dividers included with the bag, and if the bag also includes areas to store adult items such as keys or a mobile phone. Finally, the buyer must decide on the material, design, and colour of the bag. eBay offers small changing bags with different styles, designs, and features to suit any buyer's taste. They also offer unique changing bags that may not be found in regular stores.

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