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I am currently studying a Wedding an Event Planner Course and hopefully will be fully qualified by September 2008. My course involves a lot of research and i would like to share some of the things i have come across with you.

My smartest tip is give Ebay a try. You can get 99% of what you need for your Wedding on Ebay. If only it was that easy to find a Groom!


Wedding stationary is a big part of your day. When you send your Invitations out to your guests, your giving them a first glimpse of what to expect at your Wedding. Colours can set the theme and design will set the scene. Quirky invite = Quirky Wedding!

Ebay is full of budding artists ready for you to buy thier talents. To many individual sellers with good Cardmaking Skills are overlooked.

Do not think that all you will find is a piece of folded card with a stuck on flower. I have seen designs that are unique and not overly mass produced. Who wants the same invite as the girl two houses down the road had? An invite should be individual, unique and all about you and your better half!!

Mass produced invites can be cold and thoughtless and not very individual. Where as a good ebayer with good cardmaking skills can offer you exactly what you want. You can choose size, colour, shape, embellishments and a design personal to you. Most sellers will be happy to change any details for you, or even do a bespoke design.

And a big bonus is that prices can be £'s lower than the high street or online retailers.

As always check feedback, do not go with the first design you see. Ask questions and even ask for a better deal, whats the worst they can say.....No? Well just then take your business elsewhere....they are the ones that lose out on your well earned cash!

Your guests would be better impressed with personal invites from you as well.........Handmade is as personal as you can get. You can find all the components you need right here on Ebay.

Card stock, embellishments, card toppers, ribbon, scissors, tape, glue, anything you could possibly think of. All at fab prices and delivered to your door. What more could a girl want??





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