Smart Shoe sellection for the Summer

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Whether you're sprucing up a pair of jeans or adding a dash of sophistication to a suit, these loafers are your go-to shoes. Smart textile gives these shoes a particularly suave polish.
Belgian loafers are soft-soled slip on, elegant loafers with a small bow on the front.

Originally produced as a slipper for indoor use, these soft-soled shoes are made using the meticulous turned method. The shoes are sewn inside-out and flipped once they are completed.
This process ensures that each stitch on the shoe is flawless.
The Belgian style has more of a slipper heritage rather than a moccasin heritage.
Belgian falls under the casual formality similar to the Penny Loafer. 
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These Penny Loafers are featuring PU leather uppers. A traditional casual shoe with a classic feel, these Penny Loafer feature soles that are in contrasting colours AND glued - a unique feature not found in other shoes at this great price.
The distinctive addition was a strip of leather across the saddle with a diamond cut-out.
The shoes feature a distinctive semi-pocket on the vamp, a strip of leather across the saddle. The diamond cut-out was perfectly suited to store a penny to be used in case of an emergency, hence the name penny loafer.
Penny loafers are the most versatile loafers and are complementary to your outfit when combined with chinos, flannel pants, or corduroys.
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Whether you're sprucing up a pair of jeans or adding a dash of sophistication to a suit, these loafers are your go-to shoes. Smart suede gives these shoes a particularly suave polish. Metal details front and back and contrasting stiching around the toe for an endless fashion look.Tassel loafers will be the most casual of loafers.

Dating back to around the 1950’s tassle loafers fall just below the Belgian loafer on the formality scale but are close cousins in design.
Tassel loafers feature dangling leather tassels which decorate the top vamp of the shoe.
Black or oxblood tassel loafers present the same level of formality as a navy-blue blazer and gray trouser combination.
Originally designed as a wholecut style, the tassel loafer has a rounded toe outlined by a reverse seam. These loafers are often made of cordovan leather and have been known for their classic and timeless style, durability and versatility.
Tasseled loafers are a winning choice when paired with chinos and a blazer.
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Get ready for the latest style moccasin shoes. Stand out from the crowd with these loafers wear with jeans or chinos.
How do you pair loafers with your clothes?
A laid-back evening – Jeans in a medium to dark wash and a button-down shirt . Undo a button or two and roll up the sleeves. Penny loafers would work best with this attire.
A date night – Dress up a polo shirt by pairing it with a navy blazer and a brown suede Belgian loafers.
Avoid gaudy – Be careful not to allow gold or silver decorations on the upper to become so gaudy that they distract attention from your outfit by drawing the eyes to your shoes.
With suits – Most Italian style loafers are too sleek and lightweight for American-style suits. Ensure the dress loafer you pair with suits has a thick sole and a heel. The horsebit loafers are perfect for this. 
Loafers and shorts – Avoid pairing loafers with shorts.
Socks or no socks – This is a matter of personal preference. Socks with loafers can add visual appeal, but they are not necessary. Allow the weather and occasion to make the choice for you.
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This suede driver is a handsome addition to your casualwear portfolio. Featuring a double metal strap across the vamp, the luxurious design features smart top stitching and a cushioned sole for premium comfort. A sleek staple for gentlemen of all ages. As the formality grew for loafers in the US, internationally they were still viewed as casual. It was uncommon to see loafers and suits worn together throughout the rest of the world.
It wasn’t until the gucci (or bit) loafer was designed by the Italian powerhouse designer Gucci himself that it began to be accepted as a formal piece worldwide.
Although many brands now make bit loafers, Gucci remains the originator of this design.
The defining piece on the loafers is the gleaming snaffle or metal bar that looks like a horse’s bit, in the centre of the vamp.
The bit loafer in black leather presents a fine option for suits, however it doesn’t climb all the way to a black or white tie affair.

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