Smashbox BrowTech and how to create perfect brows!

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Smashbox and Eyebrows

SMASHBOX describe a defined brow as being like a 'wonderbra for the face'. It can take 10 years off the way you look, with no need for surgery or botox! But there is more to the perfect brow than applying make up - so how do you create them?

Shape is important - so before you try any brow product have a look at your eyebrows in a mirror. It will depend on how dark they are (the darker the eyebrows the more attention they need, mine are blonde and pathetic, although I have noticed that they are getting darker over time).

So take a good look and tweeze away any stragglers - particularly over the nose.

Professional quality tweezers will assist the process - there are some excellent ones on the market; from Shavata to the less expensive Tweezerman, and here on eBay there are some great deals to be had. I have also used Nads in the past, and it has worked for me.

 The two other things you need before you start are a good quality mirror - preferably one with a magnifyer, and plenty of light. You will, of course, need both hands to tweeze, so it helps if the mirror is adjustable, so that you can easily see, close up, what you are doing. Remember that you are using a sharp implement near your eyes - so take extra care - and always ensure you rest your arms on a stable, flat surface, so you minimise the risk of slipping and causing injury!


Don't tweeze just before you are going out for that special evening - as you will look blotchy; for some reason tweezing starts me sneezing (oh there is poetry in my soul) and then my eyes water, so not a good look if you are off out for an evening. Therefore, you can tweeze the odd one or two if you notice them as you get ready to go out - but for the whole reshaping, do it at least the night before. Tweezing after a hot bath will reduce pain as the hairs come out more easily. Apparently we feel pain more at the time of the month - so avoid tweezing then, if you can.


This is the one occasion when you can be a little more firm with the skin around your eyes (usually you  would only pat around the eyes, but that is not going to work here!). For perfect tweezing you should get as close to the mirror as possible and firmly stretch the brow, pulling the skin taut, away from the nose, using your two forefingers. As you tweeze, move your fingers along the brow so that you are always stretching that part of the skin that you are tweezing. Always pull the hair out in the direction of growth - so for the ones nearest the nose pull the skin taut upwards - and pluck vertically. For the ones further along, hold the skin taut horizontally and pluck from the left or right - depending on which eyebrow you are tweezing.


The professional's way of finding the ideal brow shape to suit your face, is to place an eye pencil against the flat of your nose so that the side of it just touches the corner of your inner eye. Extend the pencil upwards so that it touches your forehead - still keeping it against your nose and in line with the inner corner; that is the point where your groomed brows should start. Do the same for the other side of the eye - only this time place the pencil agianst the base of the nose and then follow it up to the outer eye. Extend it up to your brows, and that is where your brows should naturally finish.

So now you have the beginning and end points - what about the rest. That depends on you. You might want to go to a professional, who will shape your brows for you. Once you have had them done, take a close up photo of them and store it on your computer; you then have a great template to refer to in the future to DIY. Shavata on QVC had some templates of brow in the style of famous women - I seem to recall a 'Kylie' a 'Grace', and so on. You can also look at models in magazines; and there are some great online guides too - simply go to google!

As my brows are so light, I just pluck out the ones that are too low down and don't bother with the rest. What you will find is that some low down stragglers may affect the smooth look of your eyeshadow (if you wear it). They are the ones to pluck out.

So you now have your shape (and are ready for a lie down!).


BROWTECH - This signature Smashbox product is a split compact; a hair-colour co-ordinated powder to fill in brows on one side, and a colourless grooming wax on the other.

The Smashbox brush number 12 is their brush for use with the browtech;  it has very firm tapered bristles which gives perfect product pick up and control.

The way I use the SB browtech is to apply a tiny bit of the wax first over the eyebrow, this gives the powder something to hold onto. Then take the powder (just a tiny bit) and feather it over your brows in the shape you are after. Using the brush in an upward motion, fill and shape the brows with the colour powder, using it to fill any gaps or unevenness. The higher you make your brow arch, the wider the eye will look; but it is a fine balance, too high and you will look perpetually surprised for the day! You really don't need to use much of the powder; as ever start off lightly and build up the colour. Once you have filled in any gaps and have a shape you feel suits you, add a dab more wax to smooth and seal and you are done.

And remember, if you are not used to doing anything with your brows, they (and your face) will look different for a while, until you get used to it.

The Smashbox browtech comes in six colours - there is blonde / taupe / soft brown / auburn / brunette / grey. For anyone who is happy with the colour of the brows, they also do the pots of wax on their own.

It really is well worth playing about with this product, to create your perfect look. You might not get it right first time, but it is definitely worth persevering. Ask your friends and family if they notice what is different about you - and the moment they say you just look better, you know you have cracked it!

One more thing - if you wear glasses, try to buy a style which matches the curve of your eyebrows.

I really hope you have found this of assistance - please check back for futher product guides and reviews from Just Beauty Direct very soon.

Smashbox BrowTech and Brushes

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