Smile n Tango SCAM!! Be warned!

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I live in England UK,  when I saw the price of the RAM  PC5300 2GB,  I thought I would try and upgrade and speed up my Vista Laptop,

The money was taken very quickly within a couple of days and a week later (from the USA) I received the ram,

for a start it had less memory chips on it than my 1GB, surely if it was genuine 2GB there would be more in fact it had half.

Installed it safely (ie static precautions etc etc).  It did not work.  It just looks like a load of C**P with a shiny new silver sticker stuck on it saying whatever you had ordered.  The ram fitted my memory slots, but thats about all it did!!!

These guys know it does not work, its all planned!  And when you go for a refund well the scam continues and they say in order for you to get a refund you must leave them positive feedback (and if you do you won't here from them again many other reviews show testament to this).  You'll never get your refund.

Avoid like the plauge!!  Its a waste of time and you can kiss goodbye to a full refund as they want 15% (so its not a full refund). at least £5 to send it back to them .... why??  The cheek of it you send it back they get 15% of the refund and then they can send the very same C**P out all over again!

I spent nearly £25 GBP and I won't see it again now........  and as if that was not enough a truely reputable company based in the UK is selling the same (but genuine) RAM for only a few pounds more!!!

How E-BAY let these Guys Continue. Come on E-BAY sort it out!

Smile N Tango  or as they should be known  Spit and Punch the Wall!

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