Snacks and Candy the American Way

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After coming back from a trip from the states it became clear that we are definatly missing out. The array of snacks, candies and food stuffs easily available, was astounding. Once its experienced, coming back to Britain isn't the same. There's a general comparison that happens. Before venturing Stateside I already knew a few of the products available. This was either through American friends of mine, who let me try what they had brought with them to the UK. or from what I had heard of in the movies and tv. Another thing was the products that we used to easily have available to us, but their manufacturers decided that they "din't work out". Products such as Big Red Cinnamon Gum - dissapeared from our grocery shelves back in 1998. Now there is a huge gap in the market. Other items that we had: Mountain Dew Soda, Jolly Rancher Hard Candy, Wonka's Nerds and Runts...the list carries on. Although there are some unique American items that we SHOULD have here: Twizzlers - strawberry licourice twists become moorish. Jello Pudding - similar to Angel Delight, but in a larger variety of flavours (pistachio is a favourite) Oreo Cookies - Yes they may have just emerged in the uk, although only the original, in the USA they have different varieties such as choc creme, mint etc. Mac n Cheese - A staple for kids for years, although unavailable in the UK Why oh why.... but there's now a solution with a large number of stores opening able to offer the American connection. Allowing a new audience to try these items. The only problem to consider is the high prices and this is due to the postage, I t is very expensive to get items over from America. And also the time scale, it can take 10 - 14 days for anything to arrive from there. But the advice is...if you like to try stuff, then this is a way to go...especially as i'm sure you will become an addict to some of the vast items out there. but be prepared to pay the prices... the sellers aren't out to rip you off. Just to make their small profits. Enjoy
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