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I saw this when it came out some time ago, and thought it good enough to join my DVD collection. I watched it again the other night with a female companion (of Irish descent). Sometimes you watch a movie and think that has not stood the test of time too well. This has! Brad Pitt proves he is a very good actor indeed playing a Gypsy prize fighter. His accent is as thick as any real life Gypsy you will ever encounter and my Irish friend could understand what he had to say and translate which actually made it funnier as his lines are quite good! The film moves at a decent pace and provides some very funny moments as well as some that are quite chilling. Brick Top is someone you would never want to know in real life and would cross the street to avoid. Jason Statham plays his part very well and is perfectly cast. Ok the language is coarse at times but only to capture the moment and the character of the people concerned so it is not gratuitous in an offensive way. Indeed when they are talking about the Hares with the Gypsies it is almost funny. Almost because Hare coursing is in my opinion an obscene blood sport. But then so is dog fighting and that occurs in the movie too. The world of Snatch is a rough one and you must therefore enter it expecting violence and characters that you would not want in your living room. It portrays an underclass world most of us do not have to deal with and is therefore all the more entertaining. My friend laughed her socks off and it is these brilliantly captured moments that offset the brutal violence. Vinnie Jones providing the kind of malevolent violence that would be truly frightening in real life. But after his success in Lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels his character is not played out to the full potential of what it could have been. It has stood the test of time well and is a very enjoyable film.
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