Sneeky Ebay points ...Where are they?

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Ok this is my valid opionion on the on going failure on Ebay points cheme which is a seriously poor promotion although rewarding if it possible they reward you correctly now..

1. did anyone notice form the 3rd of jan - aprox 3rd of feb. of this month if you do earn 300 points a futher 600 points will be rewarded.. u would think wouldnt you... I GOT REWARDED 100 points i do now assume even after contacting ebay over 20 times ove the month but to be bombarded with would you please fill out this form for ebay on our customer service questionaire not only is it annoying to have to do.. i choose now not to as its spammed endless when ever you are navigating for help on ebay.

But please my conclusion here is dont get overall excited there is endless flaws in this promotion i have discovered and worst of all complaining to reverse it is time consuming and when and if u do finally get rewarded mistakes. the time and energy is pointless.

Just like when i recently purchased a 750 pounds guitar which also made the price less of a blow seeing as it was in the month of triple points.....

750 pounds x 3 = 2250 in points so you would think ... well. to date all i have received is 550... lol where they managed to get that from i will never imagine how this organisation is running and this is not a attack on ebay its me expressing how i feel in regards to this scheme so on the feeback on this post i will be submitting the votes into ebay so they are more than aware beyond a automative response. which dont solve anything

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