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Hardwearing trousers for work in rough environments or the ultimate in climate control? Whatever you demand, whatever type of work you are doing, we are confident we have workwear trousers that perfectly fit your needs. Compare the different models and consider which features that are the most important for your workday.
5 steps to the perfect work trouser
1. Choose your workwear based on your workday
What is your workday like? Each of our four workwear families RuffWork, FlexiWork, AllroundWork and LiteWork is dedicated to different working conditions and climates. Pick the family that fits you the best.
2. Size really does matter
Size matters, more than you think. Always try the trousers on, and be picky about the fit. It is not only a question of comfort, but also of safety and ergonomics. Snickers Workwear stocks 41 different sizes of trousers, and another 30 sizes can be ordered on demand. If something isn’t perfect, ask the staff in the store for guidance.
3. Choose workwear with functions that suits your needs
What do you carry? Choose a model with the functions you need, and choose if you want holster pockets.
4.Important to choose clothes according to regulations
Rules & regulations? What are the demands of your workplace? Do you need High Visibility garments or perhaps an ID-card holder?
5. Last but not least - Style
Don’t forget style. Getting recognized as a professional is important. First impressions last. Choose your favourite colour and design and don’t forget to look at our other garments to match.
PS. Pick up a new pair of kneepads every time you buy a new pair of trousers. If you often work on your knees, make sure to inspect the kneepads regularly to keep your knees protected.

Guidelines for picking the perfect work trouser
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