Snow Glow Elsa

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Snow Glow Elsa

This years most wanted girls Christmas present is Snow Glow Elsa, These are listed on Ebay at extremely high prices, These retail average between 29.99 - 34.99 and are being sold at double prices across the United Kingdom.

With stock flying off the shelves quicker than you can say Ebay it became virtually impossible to obtain the most popular toy this Christmas!  

I understand all traders need to earn profit but double profit on a Child's Christmas toy?

I resorted to ordering abroad where I wouldn't be charged such high price tags, Doll arrived within 2 weeks as recommended and came in perfect condition.  One happy child for Christmas!! 

With ordering abroad always give that extra time for it to arrive, I have ordered a number of times and always arrived. Order early enough and you should not have to worry.  

I know alot of people worry that the items aren't genuine or are cheap tat but this wasn't the case.. I have checked every inch of this doll and it is fabulous! It is a shame I had to resort to ordering abroad however I am very pleased that I did do, So I am not faced with an unhappy child, We all want our children to be happy eh?

I also Thank BZZ for introducing me to Ebay Guides to share my feelings with other Ebay users! 

Merry Christmas! 

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