So Your Lego Needs a Wash

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Lots of Fun, Sweets and Small Sticky Hands leads to Fluffy Lego :) But Not To Panic

The solution is easy and relatively pain free, just give it a wash !  Hand wash using a mild detergent and rinse in clean water, allow to dry naturally, by placing it on an absorbent Cloth or Towel, if you have a lot of small pieces, try putting them in an old pillow case and lightly shaking to disperse the trapped water, but beware !
A lot of Lego will float (Trapped Air), so make sure you put the plug in the sink, I know its obvious, but usually only obvious after the event :)  

Do not be tempted to put them in the washing machine, tumble dryer ,oven, microwave or Radiator , no one would do this right !  Ha Ha don't be tempted

If you have discoloured tiles, usually white, you can soak them overnight in a very mild bleach solution, but please make sure you rinse them several times before tiny hands get to hold them again

Don't be tempted to use any kind of solvent or Acetone to clean bricks - i.e.  UPVC cleaner etc. as the tiles will soften, melt and start to fade on the edges , this was my first and hopefully last expensive mistake

Happy Building
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