So what does go into Soap?

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Where do we start  

In the world we live today, we are surrounded with harmful pollutants and irritants which damage our bodies on a daily basis (cancer is now more widespread than ever!). We at Purdie's believe in going back to nature by using organic botanicals, herbs and naturally pure ingredients.  Here are just some of those harmful ingredients regularly used in many of today's soap products:

Fragrance:   Many of the 4000 compounds within fragrances can be carcinogenic or toxic none of which are required to be listed on a product label - just the word fragrance.

Artificial Colours:   Some just irritate, most are known carcinogens and contain heavy lead content.

Parabens:   A preservative.  In a 2004 study of 20 breast tumours, 100% contained Parabens (BBC Website 11 April 2004:  Dr Dabre, p Reading University).

Propylene Glycol:   A main component in anti-freeze which damages the kidneys and liver and likely to be contaminated with 1.4-dioxane, a recognised carcinogenic.

Methyl Chloroisothiazolinine & Methyl Sothiazlinone:   Preservatives, recognised carcinogenic and mutagenics.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES/SLS):   Detergents which create that rich lather you get in most soap products and toothpaste.  It strips the skin of its natural oils.  SLS is linked to cataracts and has been found to contaminate all the vital organs.  Many in the scientific world believe this to be a carcinogen but it predated the legally required strict testing date.  (Question:  Why have companies using  it not volunteered an up-to-date safety assessment?)  As SLS is derived from coconut, some companies even add them to so called 'Natural Products' - these are anything but natural.

Our Soaps are great for people with psoriasis and eczema.  Also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and quite simply, everyone who cares.  We at Purdie's Scottish Soap Company are a non-polluting company - all our packaging is re-usable and recyclable.

We do not take from nature to give you our - we give you nature in our products!






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