So you think you have been charged Too Much for Postage

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So you think you have been charged Too Much for Postage

Dont be too quick to complain about postage costs after you have bid & won an auction.

The only exception being if no postage costs were displayed on the listing - even then as a buyer it is your responsibility to contact the seller and ask the question BEFORE Bidding.

You must take into consideration all the handling costs and packing costs that are assosciated with the price you see for P&P....

I mean do the parcels magic their way to the Post Offiice?? - My Post Office is over 8 miles away so thats a 16 mile round trip each time I need to post my customers parcels ... and giving the rising cost of Petrol & Diesel these days its not funny!

Then there is the packaging to take into consideration ...

Plastic mail sacks/Brown Paper/Bubble Wrap/Labels/Marker Pens/Tissue Paper/Compliment Slips ... They dont grow on trees ;)

Boxes .. Ok so you think youve been ripped off and paid too much P&P bacause a box has been re-used ... someone had to take a trip to the local supermarket to get the box in the first place ....


If you find someone that is listing a brand New laptop for example with a Buy it Now of 99p but with Postage costs of £500 you know that they are trying to evade paying the correct Final Value fees for the sale to Ebay by compensating with excessive P&P. This is against Ebay rules and my advise is to report the seller to Ebay ... dont expect to get the laptop any cheaper though ... once reported EBay will remove the listing ;)

Hope this helps ??

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