So you want to buy your child a games console...

Like if this guide is helpful


Are you a parent confused about games consoles?

If so then this guide is for you. Im not going to tell you which console to buy, but ill show you which is which and the pros and cons of each.

The Nintendo Wii.

The Funlover of the games consoles.

The Nintendo Wii has been marketed primarily at family but theres no reason why it cant appeal to anyone. Particurly if your children are younger then this console is one to think about. The graphics arn't breathtaking, and you won't find your kids wasting their lives away, using up your electricity and wireless internet, but what it does give is the utterly ingenious wii remote.

For something a bit more fun go for the Wii and you can't go wrong, your kids will instantly love you. (Until youfall in love with the Wii).


The Playstation 3

The Hardcore Console

If your looking to splash out a bit more money on your beloved child then you should consider the PS3 .Now the PS3 is really only for boys, and i say that as liberally as i can. This console is for those guys who spend most of their weekend in their bedroom. The PS3 is the most powerful console on the market giving actual breathtaking graphics, and for online play it is spectacular. However the price really lets it down. Sure you are getting a top of the range console with a blu ray dvd player built in, but the other consoles are so much cheaper.

The XBox 360

The Underdog

The XBox 360 poses quite a big problem for us gamers. It offers similiar but slightly less power than the PS3 and doesn't really have the ingenuity of the Wii, however price wise the xbox 360 is cheaper than the PS3 and is said to have a better online community. If you are looking for a standard sort of games console (the sort that'll give your child inoridinatly strong thumbs) then the Xbox 360 offers a wide variety of games, for the young and old, and if you'll let them, will give a great online experience.




Xbox 360-Underdog-Cheap-Not great,Not Rubbish-Great online

Nintendo Wii-The Fun Lover-Family Orientated-Massive variety-Outlandish

PS3-Hardcore-Super Powerful-Super Expensive-Really delivers-Awesome


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