So you want to purchase your first metal detector

Like if this guide is helpful

If like me before buying your first machine you probably did a great deal of research checked out user reviews guides that sort of thing.  The trouble with them in my opinion is they trend to be (A) written by someone with a vested interest ie a employee of a certain make.  Or (B) because there are so many variables when detecting ie ground balancing halo effect discrimination settings etc etc etc the list is quite extensive as is the terminology that I believe no two users could ever have identical results or experiences even using identical machines so Ive narrowed it down in the hope of being of some limited help to yourself when buying your first detector. 

1.Never spend more than your wife/husband would be happy with (I made that mistake).

2.Never justify the cost using examples ie "Don't worry you can have the first Gold ring I find"

3.Never think one machine can do it all ie the beach and fields (very few can).

4.Research is the key without historyXactivity+permission finds are unlikely

5.Have fun even if it is a wet weekend in some muddy field in the middle of nowhere with no finds to show a aching back legs arms (you get the picture) its a very good form of exercise.

6.If possible detect when the place is deserted this prevents hoards of children following you around and also stops the adult's asking the all too familiar questions "have you found anything" or what you doing".

Well thats the first 6 when I find some spare time I will update hope this guide has been of some help

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