So you want to sell on eBay? Ten Tips to find stock.

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So you want to sell on eBay?
Ten Tips to help you find stock.

 1. Do your research, check the prices others are getting for the type of things you are intending to sell.  Search for completed  items. You will find lots of wholesalers asking higher prices for goods than I can buy at retail.
2. Find the items for sale and check out the manufacturers name and often their address on the packaging. They may not sell to you direct but could have a distributor for smaller customers. Telephone first use a pleasant manner you can often get some useful information   If you have to write put yourself together some headed note paper.
3. Do an internet search goggle, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, etc for trade magazines in the field you are thinking of. If someone sells it there are trade papers.
4. If you are looking to sell a craft or hobby item then get the relevant magazine to find names, address, websites and telephone numbers of suppliers and manufacturers.
5. Buy magazines like The Trader, Market Trader or Worlds Fair from WH Smith or similar outlets.
6. Do not waste money registering with so called directories and site finders. Wholesale lists and police auctions information on auction sites are usually a waste of time and money.  You will find that anything they have to offer is usually obtainable free from the internet in one shape or another. Don't pay to join Wholseller lists.
7.  Try your local auction rooms. Try car boots.

8. Catalogue companies will dispose of returns and end of season stock by the container load or part container fills.  But you will need storage space for this kind of enterprise.
9.  Go to visit suppliers if possible, take folding money, go for the cash deal. Look for end of line stock for bargains.  Do not tell suppliers that you are only looking for a small quantity. .Let them think the small order is a test purchase and may lead to bigger things. Don't buy from suppliers who want a massive initial order, this shows they have no confidence in their goods and services and are grabbing what they can upfront and are likely to dump a load of slow moving items on you.
10.  Remember you are the customer and doing the suppliers a favour by buying, they are not doing you a favour by selling. There are still quite a few sellers who have difficulty with this concept. So get out there and give it a go.



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